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How Does Geography Influence Religion?

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Bray Jannine

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of How Does Geography Influence Religion?

How Does Geography Influence Religion?
What Is Religion In General?
-Most people are born into their religion. Geography definitely has an impact on this, because it depends on where you’re born.
-if you were born in Canada you’re more likely to be of Christian faith than any others. Because 67.3% of Canada’s population is made up of Christianity.
Why Do Parents Pass Their Beliefs Onto Their Kids?
-One religion that is against this new found discovery is the Amish community. If you leave the Amish community, to them you are evil, and the devil is commanding you to disobey the bishop.
- But when you come back you’re sins are forgiven, but you are shunned, an outcast and not one person other than you mother and father will speak to you. They use this as punishment for leaving to teach you a lesson.

How can religion cause conflict?
-Religion is powerfully motivating and torturing humans who fight for their beliefs.
- Religion has caused some of the biggest war in history, like World War 2. Just because of one belief Adolf Hitler had, millions died.
-Religion can mean different things to different people, beliefs, cultural systems, & world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.
- Many religions have narratives, symbols and sacred histories that aim to explain the origin of life and the universe.

Are We Born Into Our Religion?
The Relationship Between Geography and Religion
It can be clearly sensed by the influence of religion shaping our world, being understood by what inhabits it. In the sixteenth-seventeenth century Geographers studied the spread of Christianity on a worldwide scale, Why? well because at the time that was the only religion that was flourishing and if not the biggest, one of the biggest religions in the world. For example take Canada it's mainly made up of the protestant religion. Compared to if you live in Tokyo you would be more likely to be Shintoism.
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