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Why we won't live as long as our parents

m g

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Obesity

why won't we live as long as our parents?
obes ty.
the plan.
Skeletal System
- Accelerates wear on the joints and spine
- Difficulty squatting, walking, running
- The force on one's knee between the patella and the rest of the knee is 3 times your body weight when walking (600 lbs. for a 200lb person) and 6-10 times your body weight when running

-A big gut causes an anterior bending force and a compressive force on the spinal column leading to disc pathology and back pain.
Respiratory System
Lungs have to work harder
Higher respiratory rates and lower tidal volumes
Respiratory Pathology:
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
Exertional dyspnea
Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)
Fat deposition around abdominal wall hinders movement of the diaphragm and reduces lung capacity
By Kristen E., Maya G., Thomas M.
Nervous System
the effect of obesity
on body systems.
contributing factors to obesity.
Weight gain may desensitize the brain to pleasure
Blunted response and reduced activity of SNS
Low seratonin levels lead to overeating and depression
Circulatory System
Harder for the heart to maintain circulation
Higher risk for cardiac pathology
Hypertension and decreased blood flow
Poverty and the classist food system.

Healthy meals take a long time to prepare.

People who are less likely to know how to prepare elaborate meals include those:

Some methods of weight loss only work for the middle class.
This is especially true for poorer peoples, who often need to:
-Work multiple jobs to make ends meet
-Care for family members
-Don't have help cooking meals.

-Without internet and TV access
-Who weren't taught by parents because they were too busy with work to spend time with their children
-People who work with manual labor need more than 600 calories per meal to keep them going throughout the day.
-Any less can lower performance and possibly get them fired or demoted.
effects of obesity on .
-Moderate obesity reduces life expectancy by three years.

-Morbid obesity, by ten years.
This loss is equivalent to smoking for one's entire life.

-Obesity can also bring about diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

-If everyone overweight or obese lost enough weight to put themselves at a BMI of 24, the entire country's average life expectancy would increase by 1/3 to 3/4 of a year.
This increase exceeds the negative effect of all accidental deaths combined.
why we won't live as long as our parents.
life expectancy
Funding of infrastructure and government funding for fruit and vegetable farming. Increase availability of transportation vehicles for fruit and emphasize on local purchase, through the restriction of advertising for fast food and strengthening of adds for healthy food choices. By increasing infrastructure we can lower the cost of fruits and vegetables. If it is supported as much as fast food an apple will be cheaper than a burger.
Survey Results
for ages 15 through 20.
Fast food lobbyists. Increased spending until the plan is in place, this would be caused by the fact that the cost of the changes would weigh out the initial savings. So for this plan to be implemented there would have to be large public buy in. Public support is another obstacle in the change.
We plan to raise awareness through the use of a video. We are going to emphasize our main point which is the system of food production and delivery in our country. We find fault with the system in both production and distribution. We will outlay these issues so that the viewer can understand them. Most importantly we will explain how people can contribute to a solution. Namely writing into your congressman and talking about current subsidies to business’ and supporting fruit and vegetable industries as much as possible. Proscribing to the idea that initial individuals by in at a high price to help establish the industry and lay the foundation for a cheaper future.
public education.
Extremely important 16%
Very Important 5%
Moderately important 26%
Slightly important 16%
Not at all important 37%
5 to 7 days a week 16%
2 to 4 days week 26%
Once a week 26%
No regular exercise 32%
10+ hours 21%
7-9 hours 21%
3-5 hours 21%
1-2 hours 26%
I don't watch television 11%
Childhood obesity has tripled in one generation (1980-2008) 47%
1 in 5 infants drink soda(as of 2010) 2013 23%
On average, children in America ages 2-18 have 30%
approximately 7.5 hours of "screen time"
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