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The Mortal Instruments

No description

Delia Schmidt

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The Mortal Instruments

This is Clary Fray
The main character in The Mortal Instruments is Clary Fray. Clary is a very outgoing girl, and she has many special talents. She enjoys drawing, and she later realizes she has a special ability of creating runes. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her mother, Jocelyn.
Clary Fray
Other Minor Characters
There are many characters in The Mortal Instruments. Here are a few more:
The Books
The series consists of six books:
Jace Wayland
Another important character is Jace
Wayland. He is a great fighter and
he lives in the New York Institute.
He and Clary become very close throughout the series.
By Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments
Isabelle Lightwood:
A feisty young woman who always carries a whip around her wrist. Her boyfriend is Simon Lewis.
Simon Lewis:
Clary's best childhood friend. He turns into a vampire, and is dating Isabelle Lightwood.

Alec Lightwood:
A quiet mysterious man, he uses a bow and arrow. His sister is Isabelle and his boyfriend is Magnus Bane.
#1 The City of Bones
#2 The City of Ashes
#3 The City of Glass
#4 The City of Fallen Angels
#5 The City of Lost Souls
#6 The City of Heavenly Fire
Other Books
If you like The Mortal Instruments, you can also read The Bane Chronicles. This is a series all about the warlock Magnus Bane's adventures around the world.
There are many other books that accompany The Mortal Instruments;
You can also read some guides like The Shadowhunter's Codex and Shadowhunters and Downworlders
Another great series is The Infernal Devices, which includes The Clockwork Angel, The Clockwork Prince, and The Clockwork Princess. This series is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments.
The first Bane Chronicles book
The Shadowhunter's Codex
The Clockwork Angel
(First of the Infernal Devices)
In The Mortal Instruments, people live in a world with demons and angels, downworlders, and shadowhunters, yet the mundanes* don't know it!
Shadowhunters are half human and half angel
The first shadowhunter was Jonathan Shadowhunter. He mixed his blood with the angel Raziel's, and then put it in the Mortal Cup. From then on, anyone who drank out of it became a shadowhunter.
A shadowhunter's duty is to protect mundanes from demons and monsters.
Shadowhunter's live in institutes all around the world. Some shadowhunters are Jace, Clary, Alec, and Isabelle
Idris is shadowhunter home country. It is a land somewhere in between France and Germany that is glamoured* so mundanes can't see it.
Alicante is a city within Idris. It houses a great many shadowhunters and is home to the Clave.
Some Antagonists
Valentine Morgenstern:
Valentine is a shadowhunter who believes that the laws of the Clave aren't reasonable. He forms an alliance with demons and attempts to destroy all shadowhunters so he could make a new race. Fortunately, Clary and her friends put a stop to that!
Jonathan "Sebastian" Morgenstern
Jonathan Morgenstern is Valentine's son and Clary's brother. He wanted to show he wasn't like his father, so he changed his name to Sebastian. He agreed that the Clave's laws should be changed, but he went farther than that. He created "Endarkened" which were evil shadowhunters. He was born evil because his father injected demon blood into his veins.
There are many different types of downworlders, but the main four are the Children of Lilith (warlocks,) Children of the Night (vampires,) Children of the Moon (werewolves,) and the Fey Folk (fairies.)
The Children of Lilith:
The Children of Lilith, or warlocks, are the offspring of demons and mundanes*. They are able to do many things and are often come to for their magic. They are called the Children of Lilith because Lilith is the mother of all demons
The Children of the Night:
The Children of the Night, also know as vampires, are Turned when a vampire sucks some of their blood, and then they get some of the vampires blood. They, obviously, drink blood, and are harmed by sun, a stake through the heart, holy water, and crosses.
The Children of the Moon:
The Children of the Moon, or werewolves, are Changed when they get bitten by another werewolf. They are usually harmless to mundanes, but can be a bit crazed when they are first Changed. They always travel in packs. To become the pack leader, you must first kill the existing leader.
The Fey Folk:
The Fey Folk have many names, but they are most commonly known as faeries. There is not much know about them, other than they are twisted and can't be trusted. Faeries can't technically lie, but they love tricking people.
Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale
Jace has a very hard time figuring out who he is!
There are COUNTLESS demons and angels, so not all the knowledge of them is recorded here.
Shadowhunters usually name their seraph blades* after angels. However, they don't use powerful angel names, for fear of them burning up with heavenly fire. Raziel is pretty much the most powerful angel of all time. Some other angel names are Ithuriel, Michael, Gabriel, Jerahmeel, and Zadkiel. Very few can summon angels, and those that do die mostly. Angels are very high and mighty, so they don't like to be bothered.
Demons came to our world a long time ago for no other reason than to wreak havoc. There are greater demons and lesser demons. Lesser demons are easier to summon. A shadowhunter's duty is, not to kill them, but to send them back to the Void*.
The Clave
The Clave is basically the shadowhunter goverment. They make the laws, they do trials, and they decide the fates of shadowhunters, mundanes, and downworlders. The 'main' people are the Inquisitor and the Consul.

The Inquisitor: The Inquisitor is the person who questions nephilim, downworlders, and mundanes with the Mortal Sword. The Inquisitor also wields the most power in the shadowhunter community. Even the Consul must bow down to him/her.

The Consul: The Consul is pretty much the person who calls the Clave to order, and who makes the final decision. He/she has the responsibility of running the Clave.
When a mundane wishes to become a shadowhunter, they can choose to ascend. If they want to ascend, they must drink from the Mortal Cup. This will not work on every mundane; some may die. After drinking from the Mortal Cup, the Ascender will then become fully nephilim. It usually takes months before you can ascend, as you need the Clave's permission, and they are very busy.
There are three Mortal Instruments, given to Jonathan Shadowhunter by the angel Raziel.
The Mortal Cup:
The Mortal Cup was the first of the Mortal Instruments given by the angel. Raziel mixed his blood with the blood of Jonathan Shadowhuter to create the cup that would turn Jonathan to a shadowhunter, and begin a new race. Valentine Morgenstern stole the cup, and it's whereabouts were not known until Clary Morgenstern recovered it.
The Mortal Sword:
The next Mortal Instrument Raziel gave to Jonathan was the Mortal Sword. The Mortal Sword has the power to make any nephilim who holds it tell only the truth. The Silent Brothers keep it within the Silent City until the Clave calls for it. The Mortal Sword does not work on downworlders, demons, or mundanes.
The Mortal Mirror:
The third and final Instrument given to Jonathan by the archangel Raziel was the Mortal Mirror. There is not much known about the Mortal Mirror, and no one knew where it was located until recently. A little while back, Clary Morgenstern discovered that the Mortal Mirror is actually a lake in Idris. The lake is called Lake Lyn, and it is known to have magical properties. Downworlders frequently drink from it, but it is poisonous to nephilim.
Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters
Silent Brothers:
Silent Brothers are nephilim, yet they don't follow the ways of life of regular shadowhunters. They have strange runes that normal shadowhunters can't use. Silent Brothers are, well, silent. They speak inside of people's heads. They have no eyes, and their mouths are sewn shut. They live inside of the Silent City, and wear parchment colored robes. They are usually found at the side of someone who is dying, ill, or in labor. They are in charge of guarding and wielding the Mortal Sword. Silent Brothers are immortal, but not invulnerable.
Iron Sisters:
Iron Sisters are also nephilim, but, like Silent Brothers, they do not act like normal shadowhunters. Iron Sisters live in the Adamant Citadel, and they will only speak to women. They create all the weapons for the nephilim. They are the only ones that can touch the holy metal adamas before it is crafted. They do not like to be bothered, and are isolated from other nephilim. Like the Silent Brothers, they are immortal, yet can be killed, if with some difficulty.
The Mortal Cup (used for Ascension)
A Silent Brother
An Iron Sister
Steles and Runes
Steles are tools that every good shadowhunter must have. They look a bit like metal pencils, but they do much more than just write. They are used to draw both on the skin of nephilim and any object. The things that you draw with a stele are called Marks, or runes.
Runes are marks made with steles. Shadowhunters use runes to make them faster, see through glamours*, and tons of other stuff. They also mark objects to glamour them. If a mundane tries to mark itself, it will lose it's mind and become a forsaken, a big old beast that can be killed easily by nephilim. Some runes are meant to be permanent, like the Voyance rune, while others are merely temporary.
A rune chart
A stele
Many words have an * by them. These words will all be here.
1. mundane: a person from the human world (sometimes used to mean boring)

2. glamour: a glamour is a type of magic that will disguise any object or building. It is applied with a stele

3. seraph blade: a weapon, or blade used by shadowhunters that is made out of the holy metal adamas

4. the Void: the Void is a gap between dimensions, when demons are struck by adamas they are banished to the Void


Cassandra Clare is
But we wouldn't have this amazing series without her so THANK YOU CASSANDRA CLARE!!!!!!
Please like!
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