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Childhood Obesity

Come see what we had to say about childhood obesity with hard fact evidence

Nichole Swartzanegger

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Childhood Obesity

How can our nation's decisions regarding child obesity imprint upon the nation as a whole?
Early On
Healthy eating habits start from early on, and although there are many parents who heed this warning, there are many still who think it's no more than a cheesy slogan.
How are school lunches impacting child obesity?

Ann Cooper Stated in her Ted Talk What's Wrong With School Lunches (2007)
1/5 children in the United States between the ages of 6 and 17 are considered to be overweight.
The percentage of overweight children in the United States has doubled since the 1980's and the trend is even worse for adolescents.
How is the rapid incline in childhood obesity going to affect our nation's economic and general health in the future?
How could parent influence potentiality help "make or break" child obesity?
Childhood Obesity
Unhealthy eating can cause...
Chronic and debilitating back and limb pain
High blood pressure
Heart attack
Insulin Dependence
Loss of limb due to Type 2 Diabetes

In milk if your child averages 2 a day they get 8 grams of sugar per day just from school milk

Schools could have..

Salad bar
Cooking or healthy eating classes
School Garden
Curriculum that can tie into healthy eating
40 minute lunches rather than 20
Recess before lunch
0.5%- 1% of general funds should go the the health of children (Currently [as of 2007] 0.03%)

Of the children with type 2 diabetes, 85% are obese.
Most parents now days are over 21, but there are still technical difficulties reaching out to parents to feed their kids healthily. Families big and small are often seen eating out at restaurants such as McDonalds, or Taco Bell. Even though these might seem like a healthier alternative to fast food, they are still fast food, if it takes under two minutes, the so called "restaurants" are actually fast food places. Less than thirty percent of preschool-aged children eat food at home and an even smaller percent consume "home made" food.
How has the growing industry of fast food affected children?
Ann Cooper, Director of Nutrition Services for the Berkeley Unified School District has
employees and
locations. She feeds
kids, which is
meals a day. She's been doing this for
years, trying to change how we feed kids in America.

It's common belief, backed by a growing body of evidence that children who are breastfed as infants are protected against obesity.
All bars that are in red are diet or obesity related conditions that have potential to kill
When the rate of people with a condition like heart disease, is more than the rate of homicides (as of 2009) What can we do?
If a person gets diabetes before the age of 15, statistically, they lose 17-27 years off of their life.
Children are drawn to the toys and the characters they are made from. The fast food industry has capitalized on this. Most offer a kid's meal that comes with a small toy, the sales of these meals sky rocket when they come up with a new toy.
Most kids can recognize Ronald McDonald, but they cannot recognize George Washington.

Breastfeeding Affects
Continuous studies have shown that breast-fed children, when compared to formula-fed children, have a decreased risk of becoming obese. The mechanism that is triggered by breast feeding is still a mystery. What researchers do know is that this mechanism causes a sort of protection in the metabolism. This protection shields the body from becoming obese. Although the effects of breastfeeding aren't very strong, it can last quite a long time.
Thirty-five percent of parents out of a study of two-hundred don't think that their child is over weight.
Parent recognition would be good place to start, if parental figures can admit that their child is overweight and "snip it at it's root", then childhood obesity could come to a complete end.
Since fast food industries have made their products cheaper than what it costs to eat a home cooked meal, and it's less time consuming, parents would rather feed fast food to their kids than a meal at home. Only about fifteen percent of family units enjoy a breakfast together.
When going to an average fast food restaurant a salad costs more than a Sandwich, Burger, or Taco.

Arbys- Farmhouse Salad----------------------------------------------$4.99
-Jr. Turkey & Cheese -----------------------------------$3.99
McDonalds-Southwest Salad-----------------------------------------$4.79
Burger King-Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Salad -------------$6.19
-Big King------------------------------------------------$3.89
Wendy's- Asian Cashew Chicken Salad----------------------------$5.99
-Jr Cheese Burger--------------------------------------$.99
Taco Bell-Fiesta Taco Salad (Beef)-------------------------------------$4.99
-Fiesta Taco Salad (Chicken)------------------------------------$5.49
-Crunchy Taco--------------------------------------------$1.19

Chicken being the healthier alternative is more
expensive than beef
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