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60 Days to Success

March 1, 2018

Aaron McDaniel

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of 60 Days to Success

-Aaron McDaniel
60 Days to Success
How to excel in the first two months of any new job, and set yourself up for future success
Starting 6 Skills
Jobs for Baby Boomers in 30 year career
Average job tenure is down
job changes in first 10 years of
Millennials have
Some Stats...
Bureau of Labor Statistics, people born 1957-64, job period - between 18-48 years old
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.6 years in 2014, 4.2 years in 2017
Job perception changing from transactional to self-actualization
their careers, Gen Xers had
Cope with Ambiguity
Take Initiative
Willing to Ask Questions
Balance Confidence
Flexibility amidst Change
Show Resilience
is my job?
do I manage?
do I fit?
am I here?
Get Mentoring
Set Goals
Learn the Systems & Processes
Understand Required Skill-set & How I Measure Up
My Boss
My Peers
My Time
The Expectations Talk
Communications Style
Her/His Goals
Strengths & Weaknesses
Norms & Culture
Office Politics & Alignments
Your Purpose above & Beyond Your Job Description
Problems to Fix
Benefits to Create
Mini Mentors
Peer Mentors
Repaying their Help
Expectations Talk w/Boss
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Stakeholder Intros
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Boss Weekly Touchbase
Boss Bi-Weekly Touchbase
Shadow Peers
Skills Evaluation Map
Identify Mini Mentor Types
Secure Mini Mentors
Identify 3 Problems to Solve / Gains to Give
High Importance
Low Importance
High Competence
Low Competence
System Knowledge
Public Speaking
Negotiation Skills
Remember the Who, What, When, Where, & Why during your next job change
Building a 30-60 Day Plan can help
You can re-assess your WHY anytime
Why this Matters
Industry Consolidation
have to manage all of this
System & Process Changes
Law & Compliance Changes
Leadership Changes
If not you, new people will be joining your team
Special Scenario
Managing your old peers
Performance Discussion
What will go on your resume?
The root of your "WHY"
Set Weekly Goals
When Managing a New Team
Have "The Expectations Talk" with team
Establish Clear Goals
Utilize Passed Over Employees
Understand the Hand You've Been Dealt - Contingency Approach
The Initial One-on-One
Inspect What You Expect
Pro Tip
The "Venting Session"
Putting this Model Into Context...
A merger of your hospital with another large hospital
leadership takes over...
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