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The History of Bell Communications

A telecommunications story

Narley Karikari

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of Bell Communications

a telecommunications story A Brief History of Bell Communications Sherice Henry In 1968, Bell Canada is authorized

It is the Canadian version of AT&T
Bell Canada is one of the main assets of the conglomerate Bell Communication Enterprises (BCE Inc)

Bell Canada serves a total of over 13 million phone lines The Creation of Bell Canada In 1974, Bell Canada installs the first 9-1-1 emergency calling system for police in, fire and ambulance services in Ontario

In 1993, the popularity of cellphones and pagers results in a demand for more telephone numbers in the 416 area code - Bell promotes a new area code : 905

In 1995, Bell launches Sympatico - a dial-up internet service

In 1999, Bell shows how committed they are to providing clients with innovative service solutions, Bell offers to send telephone bills via electronic mail Bell's advances in Technology A division of Bell Canada which sells wireless services in Canada.

Oringally named "Bell Cellular", it started in 1985 and offers cellular mobile telephone service in Montreal and the Oshawa-Hamilton-Toronto region.

Bell Mobility focusses on the business of cellphone, creating different coverage plans that aid to the clients needs

Bell Mobility has over 6,833,000 subscribers today Intro to Bell Mobility In 1974, Teleboutique stores are established.

Clients can walk into these stores, choose a phone from the various displays, take it home and plug it into to a pre-installed jack, making life simpler

Bell Canada first uses Teleboutiques in Quebec then creates Phonecentres in the other provinces.
Years later, telephone companies use Bell's innovative idea to service customers easier with telephone kiosks in public places Creation of Teleboutique The Great Depression The first phone was made in the shape of a box Idea of the Telephone Also included a cup of acid and copper wires
This was just a prototype On December 31, 1931 Bell Canada announced that the the depression had taken a major toll on business

Telephone disconnections were outnumbering installations and upgrades Waves caused an electric current to vary in intensity and frequency
This caused a thin soft iron plate the (the diaphragm) to vibrate Vibrations were transferred magnetically to another wire connected to a diaphragm in another, distant instrument Idea of the Telephone Cont... When that diaphragm vibrated, the original sound would be replicated in the ear of the receiving instrument Sasha-Aliya Khan Naa Karikari Graham Bell had accidentally spilled the trasmitting liquid (batter acid) onto his pants and said... 5 days after the creation of the prototype, he tested it... Summer 1874 Febuary 14th 1876 The Patent ...March 18th 1876 Several weeks earlier, Bell's attorney filed for a patent on the telephone
Known to be call 'the most' valuable patent ever issued. This patent came only hours before his competitor Elisha Gray
His idea was for 'the caveat' - an invention similar to the telephone The Patent Cont... Summer 1879 National Bell of Boston Bell sells his rights to the telephone
Canadian buyers decline the opportunity to buy The rights to the telephone was sold to the National Bell of Boston
owners of the Bell patent in the U.S 1880 National Bell Cont... Charles Fleetford Sise was hired to develop a Canadian phone company an becomes the founder of "The Bell Telephone Company of Canada" Bell Today Bell and the War 1932 Bell in the Stock Market during the Depression Today Bell continues to make its mark in the technology industry
Bell services today include high-speed Internet, Satellite TV, Bell Home Phone lines and long distance services

In competition with Rogers

Bell built the communications network that brought Canada's Vancouver Games to the world. Every Olympic image seen on TV was delivered by Bell.

Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile have become leaders in the cellphone business

Bell Media dominates Canadian radio and television - Stock prices dropped from $125 to $75

- Bell was forced to reduce their dividends in attempt to make ends meet 1949 On September 19th Bell declared they would be going to war

By the end of 1944, 2427 employees were enrolled in the army

Women were then trained as technicians
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