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Robin Decker

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Globalization Oil Concerns Content Connection
Concern information
Historic aspects
Who has the advantages/disadvantages?
True costs of our oil Connection Globalization offers:
Free trade
New marktes
New ways of transportation Concerns can:
Open new offices all over the world
Establish their products on new markets
Transport their products fast
Receive knowledge from other countries
Hire new workers with different education 1900 2000 1950 1907 Bitumen Company starts exploration work in Lagos
Had to be stopped because of WW1 1914 Petroleum act
Only British people/companies got exploration license Historic aspects 1938-1957 Shell D'Arcy Petroleum Development Company
License for entire Nigeria (950.000 km2) => Monopoly 1958 & 1962 1958: 104.000 km2
1962: 39.000 km2
Other had a chance now
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