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My sweet orange tree

No description

A Reum Jung

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of My sweet orange tree

What do I like about this book?
My sweet orange tree
ain Characters
He is five years old. He likes always teasing someone.
here is the setting and time of the book?
Minas Gerais in 1920
Who is the author?
- Jeje move to a new house which has a backyard.

- He found a little sweet orange tree in his backyard.

- He and the tree made friends.

- Jeje used to talk with the tree(because he is a very imaginative)

o you know this book?
This book is famous around the world.

It is a boy and a tree story.

It is a fiction & autobiography.

This book is written by Potugal language.
It is a little sweet orange tree that zeze found.
If he feels so good, he called Xururuca.
Portuga(Manuel Valadares)
JeJe's only other friend is a Portuguese man called Manuel Valadares.
hat is type of book?
growth novel
José Mauro de Vasconcelos(1920~1968)
-Jose Mauro was born in Rio de Janeiro in1920.

1942 : Banana Brava

1968 : O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima

1979 : Kuryala: Capitão e Carajá
-One day, Jeje hangs on a car's back side of fun.
-While Jeje was hanging on a car, Portuga found him to see in the rearview mirror.
-Jeje got it hot.

pure story

Touch heart
Would I recommend it to a friend?
Yes, because
Easy to read
Touch heart
-When he was young, His family was very poor.
-Before he was a writer, he used to work a variety of job.
Any questions?
-When Jeje got hurt his feet, Portuga treated him.
they made the best friends.
, Portuga
passed away
from a train accident.
-After Jeje was sick for 3 days and the tree was cut.
Because this plot is the writer's memories.
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