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Louis de Buade

No description

Divyanshu Mann

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Louis de Buade

By Divyanshu Mann 7J4
Louis de Buade Louis de Buade How many years did he hold the position? Responsibilities. Major Accomplishments! Louis de Buade ,Count Frontenac has had alot of
accomplishments and major accomplishments.Some
of his major accomplishments were being a successful
Governor General until his death in 1698.He had done
his job so well it helped the soldiers,New France,and all the fights they had.He had built a famous fort to defend him named Fort Frontenac and helped further incease
fur trade in New France and France.He had fought in
many wars in many countries and succeeded in all of
them which was a major accomplishment.These
are some of the major accomplishments
by Governor General Lous de
Louis de Buade held the position two times in his
whole life.He had held the position from 1672-1682
on his first time and on his second time he held it
from 1689-1698.He had been in the France and Venice
army as an officer.He was also a French Noble.He
wanted to make his fortune in the colony and he was
usually heavily in dept.
Louis de Baude,Count Frontenac had alot of responsi-
bilities for a Governor.Basically a Governor in New
France was the top official.Louis was responsible for making sure that the kings orders were carried out.
He also appointed members to the Sovereign Council
which decided about the laws and taxes in New France.
Louis was responsible for relationships between New
France and any other European groups in North
America or what Jacques Cartier once called
"Kanata" which meant village.These were
some of the responsibilities of Louis
de Buade. The Civil Hieracrchy Of New France 1.King
3.Minister Of The Navy 4.Governer Of New France.
Governers of Montreal,Quebec,
and Trois Rivieres.
~Sovereign Council~
Intendants repersentatives in
Montreal,Quebec and Trois
Rivieres. 5.Captain Of The Militia
6.Citizens Definitions: Hierarchical Society: A society in which there are distict levels of status or authority. Viceroy: A person who oversees a colony on behalf of a monarch. The End! :) Louis de Buade,Count Frontenac was the most
famous governor sent to New France by the king.
He was sent there to keep the settled area to a few
places close to trade routes with New France.He
wasn't sent to develop the fur trade but to devolop
the Seigneuries.The king was thinking this would stop disputes between the English and Dutch.
Even though he was ordered not to expand the fur trade he still did.He saw the fur trade as wealth
and riches for him.Later wards,he built Fort
Frontenac to keep & English out to get
more wealth out of the fur trade for
himself. Arrival To New France.
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