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P.O.E. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

In P.O.E. We created a hydrogen fuel cell powered car

Josh Laurent

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of P.O.E. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

By: Josh L, Graham B, Brady K, Alex L. Hydrogen Fuel Cell car STEP 1 Identify Problems In this project we had to figure out the problem that we had to solve. It turns out we had to make a car that ran on the solar + Hydrogen fuel cell combo STEP 2 Brainstorm STEP 3 Reasearch and generate ideas We watched a few videos of other peoples cars online and generated
a few ideas, like using two decks, bevel gears, gear ratios, etc. Our project needed to use a breadboard and a hydrogen fuel cell that was powered by a solar panel. We found out that we could use bevel gears to transfer the direction of the gear from vertical to horizontal STEP 4 Identify Criteria and Specify Restraints We decided to modify our original design and add bevel gears to use up less space than lots of regular gears. STEP 5 Explore Possibilities STEP 6 Select an approach STEP 7 Develop a design proposal STEP 8 Make a model or prototype STEP 9 Test and evaluate design STEP 10 Refine the design In our project we developed a design
proposal by developing a car which could run on a fuel cell charged
earlier by a solar panel STEP 11 Create or make solution The race is what we are going to use to test our design of the car. We shifted the right front wheel further right so that the center of gravity is on the center of the axles. We posted the prezi to our blogger pages. STEP 12 Communicate Results ASS This is what we ended up creating. Except we took out the scissors on the front. THE END
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