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The Power of Choice

An interactive way to view the impact that daily choices have on one's life.

Becky Ritchie

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Power of Choice

START This board will show you the power of your daily decisions. As you go through, make a choice for each circumstance and follow the path that it leads. You wake up in the morning to your alarm clock going off.
Will you shut it off immediately or press the snooze button? Shut it off immediately Press the snooze button Thanks to getting up immediately, you have enough time to get ready for school and leave your house to wait for the bus. Once the bus arrives you have to choose between sitting in one of the front seats by yourself or in the back with some loud 9th graders. Because you pressed the snooze button you ended up sleeping in too late. If you don't hurry you're going to be late for school. Do you choose to get ready quick so that you don't miss your bus, or do you take your normal time getting ready and end up having to walk to school? Get Ready Quick Since you got ready quick you happened to catch your bus at the last minute, and took the last available seat in the front. However, you forgot your project that was due today at home. Once you arrive at school you realize that you forgot it. Do you decide to jig that class or do you choose to face your teacher? Walk to School Since you took enough time to get ready, you made sure to remember to bring everything, including the project that was due that day. However, you did miss your bus and are left walking to school. The school bell rings in 15 minutes and if you choose to walk on the main road it takes you 20 minutes to get to school, yet if you take a short cut through a series of back roads your walk only takes you 12 minutes. Which do you choose? Front Seat Back Seat In the front seat, you sit by yourself and take out your iPod in order to enjoy a quiet, peaceful ride to school. You are unaware of the noise and chaos happening behind you. Once you arrive at school you go to your class and pull out your pencil case, you have a blue pencil and a green pencil, which one do you choose to use for this class? You choose to sit in the back with the 9th graders, because you'd rather not sit alone. The noise and chaos gives you a headache, and one kid threw his gum and it accidentally landed in your hair. Do you proceed to then yell at the child who threw the gum, or do you continue to sit quietly and plan to get the gum out of your hair once you get to school? The Power of Choice Walk the Main Roads Walk the Back Roads Walking on the main road, it takes you 20 minutes to get to school. Once you finally arrive, your teacher gives you a lunch detention for being late. Do you choose to go in at lunch and serve your detention, or leave school and pretend that you forgot? You choose to take a short cut through the back roads, and as you walk along a back alley way, you start to hear a vehicle behind you. You turn around and a dark coloured van pulls up beside you. A man roles down his window and asks you if you would like some of the candy that he has in his van. You have to choose between running away or going towards the van to get the candy. Face the Teacher Jig the Class You choose to go to class. When the teacher asks for everyone to hand it in, and he realizes that you don't have yours, you explain to him that you left it at home. Because of this, you automatically lose 10% marks on the project. Do you get mad at the teacher or accept the punishment? You decide to jig the class, do you go home or head to McDonalds? Yell at the Child Sit Quietly You turn around and start yelling at the kid behind you. He yells back saying that he didn't do it, when in fact you watched him throw it. The fight continues until he throws a punch. Do you fight back or tell him to grow up and turn back around? You keep your frustration to your self and once you get to school you head into the bathroom. While washing the gum out, you discover 20.00$. Do you choose to keep it or bring it to the office? Blue Green The person that you have a crush on walks past you and tells you that they like your blue pencil. You are ecstatic. Do you sit there with a happy smile on your face or jump out of your seat and start dancing for joy? You begin to work with your green pencil, when you realize that it's not sharpened. Do you stand up to walk to the sharpener or bug the person beside you to see if you can borrow a their sharpener? Walk Towards the Van Once you get close to the van, instead of giving you candy, the man signales to two men in the back seat who jump out and grab you. They tell you to stay silent. Do you scream or do you keep your mouth shut? Run Away You run away from the mysterious van, and thankfully it does not follow you. However since you ran without thinking you ended up on an unknown road. You are lost. But you see a police man, do you go up and ask him for help or do you try and find your own way? Pretend That You Forgot You leave school for lunch, and the next day you tell your teacher that you forgot. Now you have an afterschool detention, but you also are suppose to have a tryout for a school sports team after school. Do you lie and tell your teacher that you can't make the detention, or tell your coach that you can't make the tryout? Go In At Lunch You choose to go in at lunch. It ends up that your teacher has a meeting and the detention only lasts for 5 minutes. Now you get to eat lunch with your friends. The only big decison that you have left for the day is whether or not to eat the tuna sandwhich that your mom packed for the day. Will you eat it, or not? Accept the Punishment You accept the 10% deduction, and your teacher asks you if you want to do an extra credit assignment to make up the lost marks. Do you say yes to the assignment, or do you tell the teacher that you would rather not do it? Get Mad at the Teacher You get mad at the teacher and start to debate on why or why not you should lose marks. You end up getting sent to the office for disrespecting a teacher. After talking to administration you promise not to do it again. Are you planning on keeping your promise? Yes or no? McDonalds While at McDonalds you notice an application form. You start to think that making money is a better idea than going to school. Do you fill out the application form? Yes or no? Go Home You jig class and walk home. After a couple minutes of being there you hear the front door open. Your mother comes in. Do you hide so that she doesn't realize that you left school, or do you let your mom descover you? Bring it to the Office You choose to bring the money to the office. Afterwards, on your way to class you see a piece of garbage on the groud. Do you pick it up to bring it to the garbage can or leave it there? Keep it You take the money and place it in your pocket. What you don't know is that it was some kid's lunch money, and now that kid has nothing to eat. You leave the bathroom and start to walk towards your first class, which is upstairs. Do you take the stairs at the front of the school or at the back? You Tell Him to Grow Up After you turn back around, you look down at your phone and realize that you got a text from your mother asking you what you want her to make you for supper, she gives you two options, pancakes or pizza. Which do you choose? Fight Back You fight back and start chaos on the bus. It gets so bad that the bus driver has to pull over and demand that you stop. Do you end it, or do you keep fighting? Bug the Person Beside You You ask the girl beside you to use her pencil sharpener. She hands it to you and you accidentally knock it on the floor. Do you get down and clean up the pencil shavings, or do you leave them there? Walk to the Sharpener As you get up you knock over your chair, making a loud noise, do you get embarrassed or laugh at yourself? You Start Dancing You jump out of your seat and begin dancing and singing while your class looks at you strangely, including the the person that you like. Do you keep it up or stop once you see everyones weird looks? Sit and Smile You sit in your seat with a joyful smile on your face through out the whole class. When you go to leave, you accidentally drop your pencil. The person that you like picks it up, and knowing that it's yours, returns it to you. You guys strike up a conversation that ends with them asking if you want to hangout on the weekend. Do you say yes or no? Yes You say yes, and you guys end up going to see a movie. This is the beginning of a relationship, of which you will one day tell your kids about, the story off how you met your husband. Awwwe! No You say no, maybe because you were a little nervous, they say that it's ok. They end up asking someone else to hangout,and you spend the rest of the day wishing that you had had the guts to say yes. Stop Dancing You realize that people might think that you're weird, so you stop. But it works out nicely because since you distracted your teacher by your dance, he forgot to give out homework. So instead of doing work tonight you get to go home and watch cartoons. Keep Dancing You keep dancing, and someone starts videotaping it on their iPhone. They put it on youtube, and now since you can't get in a relationship, atleast you could become the next youtube sensation. Get Embarrassed Your face turns red, and you get really embarrassed. You forget what you got up to do, so you sit back down quietly. You then rememeber that you were going to sharpen your pencil, and instead of risking getting back up again you switch to your blue pencil, and continue working quietly. Laugh at Yourself You laugh at yourself and pick up your chair. Then you continue to the sharpener. Now you have an interesting story to tell your parents when they ask you what you did at school. Clean it Up You bend down to pick them all up and throw them away. Then you proceed to sharpen your pencil and complete your work. Leave Them There You leave the shavings on the ground and pretend that you weren't the one that spilt them. A couple minutes later one of your friends walks by your desk and slips on the shavings, falling and hitting their head. They get a sent to the hospital and diagnosed with a concusion. You feel really guilty and bad for not cleaning up. End it You end it and stop fighting. Since you stopped you get off with only an afterschool detention. So that afternoon instead of going out with your friends you get to spend it with your teacher. Keep Fighting You keep fighting and the bus driver ends up calling the school. They begin driving again, and once at school you are sent directly to the principle's office. You get suspended for a week, and your parents also get extremely mad and ground you from everything that they can think of. Pancakes You choose pancakes. Once it reaches supper time, your siblings start complaining about how they don't want pancakes, and even though you enjoy them you have to listen to them complain all meal. Pizza You choose pizza, which is something that makes your whole family happy. The only downfall is that when your dad was pulling into the garage, he got so distracted by the smell that he accidentally ran over your bike. Front You choose to take the stair case at the front of the school. However you reach the steps at the same time as another person and you guys accidentally run in eachother. This collision knocks you off balance and you fall to the bottom of the stairs, breaking your arm. You spend the rest of the day in the hospital getting it splinted and put into a cast. Back You take the back stair case, and thankfuly you get to class on time. The rest of your day goes by as normal, and you use the 20$ that you found to buy a bag of chips at lunch. Pick it Up You pick up the piece of trash, and just before throwing it out you realized that it is a Tim Horton's "Roll Up The Rim" cup that has not been rolled up. You decide to roll the rim, and you stand there in shock as it says that you have won a million dollar cash prize. Leave it There You leave the trash on the ground and keep walking. You get to your first class on time, you spend the class presenting projects and having an average, typical day. Hide You hide so that your mother does not see you, but then you hear her check the answering machine. On it there's a message saying that you missed your first period. Later that evening your mom asks you where you were and you lie and tell her that you missed your bus and had to walk to school. She believes you, or atleast she appears to, and she lets you off of the hook. Let Her Discover You You're sitting on the couch when your mom walks into the living room. She looks at you and asks you why you're home. You tell her the truth that you forgot your project, and didn't want to go to class without it. So she writes you a note and drives you back to school with your project. She also grounds you for a couple days for jigging. Yes You fill out the form, and end up getting hired a couple weeks later. You decide not to return to school, so you never graduate and end up working at McDonalds for the rest of your life. No You don't fill out the form. You continue to eat your food, and then you decide to return to school. After school you go out looking for a job because you really wish that you could make your own money. Yes You keep your promise, and never get sent to this office again. Your parents are a little disapointed in you for getting in trouble but they eventually get over it. No You don't keep your promise and end up debating with your teachers quite frequently. Your parents eventually decide to pull you out of public school, and homeschool you instead. You Say Yes You take the extra credit assignment, and that's what you spend your evening doing. On the bright side you end up getting 100% on it and make up the 10 marks that you lost. You Say No You tell your teacher that you would rather not do the extra work. When you get your project back you find out that you got a 57%, if only you had done the assignment you would have passed and not had to redo the project. Yes You eat the tuna sandwhich, and now your problem is that no one wants to sit beside you because you smell like tuna. No You don't eat the sandwhich because you don't want to smell like tuna, so your friends give you things from their lunches instead. Tell Your Teacher That You Can't Make It You lie to your teacher and tell them that you have a doctors appointment, so that you can go to the tryout. Yet, it just so happens that your teacher's son is also trying out for that team and your teacher comes to pick him up and they see you. The next day at school your teacher calls you up to their desk and tells you that you now have 5 detentions. Tell Your Coach That You Can't Make It You go to tell your coach that you can't make the tryout. He just happens to be in a really good mood and he tells you that it doesn't matter because he already knows that you're going to make the team. All you have to do is make sure that you go to the next tryout. You Go to the Police Man You go up to the police man and you tell him what happened. He writes up a report about the van, and he also calls your parents to let them know what happened. Then he offers to drive you to school. You accept and get to school by the end of first period. Now you have exciting stories to tell all your friends. Try and Find Your Own Way You ignore the police officer, convinced that you can find your own way. However, every step you take seems to get you more and more lost. But three hours later you finally know where you are, and you continue to walk to school. Finally you get there by the end of lunch. You Scream By screaming, you draw the attention of the neighbors, who rush outside. The men from the van are so scared of being discovered that they push you to the groud, jump back in the van and drive away. The neighbors rush to help you off the ground, and someone calls the police. You spend the rest of your day at the police station giving statements and avoiding the TV crews that all want to hear your story. You Stay Silent You keep quiet just as the man said, and they throw you into the back of the van. Two weeks later you are found dead on the side of the road. The Power of Choice Because you have the ability to choose you have a part to play in the way your life is lived and also in others lives. In the above example, there were only 5 choices made, with only 2 options each, yet there were 32 different outcomes. In our daily lives we make way more than 5 choices per day, and many of those choices have multiple options to choose from. Let's say for example you made 178 choices in a day, and every single one of those choices only had 2 options to choose from. But assume that you only did make 178 choices.

This would equal 3.8312 x10^53 different possible outcomes. (In reality a normal human being makes way more choices during a day than 178)
383,120,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 In only ONE day! Choice powerful, and dangerous. IS And Beautiful Becareful. Use it wisely. You constantly have to ability to choose. You choose who you're going to talk to. You choose what you want to eat. You choose whether to drink or not. You choose how to treat your parents. You choose whether to get up in the morning. You choose what you're going to say all day. CHOICE Is Yours
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