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International Relations. ITESM Campus Guadalajara. Miguel Lizárraga Fregoso A01230207.

Mike Lizárraga Fregoso

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of E-Portfolio.

Personal Space
Academic Space
Professional Space
Personal Space
I decided to study International Relations because I am looking forward to find what is happening in the world and why is this happening. I like to analyze the past in order to understand the present and to attend diplomatic situations nowadays. On the other hand, I like world history, international politics, languages, and cultures.
I am a person who is always wondering "What if...?"
and trying to find a way to solve conflicts. Considering myself as an empathic individual, always looking for the chance to help the people and taking the problems as challenges.

Academic Space
Professional Space
To develop myself at professional level in a position that demands the abilities and knowledge of International Relations. To apply the tools acquired throughout my professional studies for the improvement and continuous learning, looking forward to contribute with the growth of an organization and society.
Within 10 years, I would like to become a
person, whose role in a society would
be to try and express what we all
feel. Not to tell people how to
feel. Not as a leader but as a
reflection of us all.
I have always been interested in finding ways to help people, and to come up with a solution to every conflict affecting our world nowadays.

In Aug-Oct 2013, I got involved in a social project, which the main objective was to collect $60,000.00 pesos, enough money to build two houses for families who do not count with resources to create a place where they can call it
In order to achieve that goal, I had to recollect money, along with other people, by selling products, getting involved in a race, doing whatever it took to accomplish the goal and which we successfully achieved.
In October 2012 took out the simulation of the United Nations, where I took part as a Delegate from the
Delegation in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and in which topics, such as Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, and Situation in Iran, were deeply discussed.
Studying abroad was a real experience gained outside
the classroom. I took 3U and 4U courses, which could be translated as 11th and 12th courses, at Columbia International College, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, as an International Program provided by Prepa Tec Campus Laguna.
I do not have any work experience but I am ready to kickstart my career.
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