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Jane Austen

Neferteti ` chavarria

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Emma

EMMA Jane Austen Characters Emma Mr. Knightley Frank Jane Isabella Knightley & John Knightley Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Major Conflict Emma struggles to shed her vanity and her fear of confronting her own feelings, both of which cause her to misunderstand those around her and to meddle harmfully in the lives of others. No matter who you love, you should be with him or her despite the social status or what other people say. Themes The riddle, the word game, tokens of affection Symbols Emma is a Girl that think that she will never marry, yet she thinks she was born to be an expert in love match.
Emma main focus is to find a perfect match for Harriet. Whaaaaaat At the end after all the efforts that Emma did everyone stayed with their true love
EVEN Emma Emma & Mr. knightely Jane & Frank Harriet & Mr. Martin Emma is the Main Charracter she focuses in everyones love life and tries to find the perfect couple for everyone but forgets about her Mr. knightely is a good man and becomes a very good friend of Emma and through the novel he falls in love with Emma Frank is very friendly and like emma he gets along with people very well and. he is in love with Jane Jane is in love with Frank and when she first arrived, Emma disliked her and began to talk bad about her but at the end they becom ver good friends Plot Until the very end of the novel is when you get to knoe who everyone is really in love with, like when emma thinks Harriet likes frank not knowing that truly is Mr. knightley whom Emma loves Emma Sister and Mr. knightely brother Emma & Mr. knightley Harriet A pretty seventeen-year-old woman who lives at the local boarding school. Harriet becomes Emmas best friend and the object of her matchmaking schemes. Emma meets harriet and become good friends and she tries to find the perfect love for her Emma fails with getting Harriet and Mr. Elton together Emma realizes that she is in love with Mr. Knightley after Harriet discloses the same to Emma. Emma and Mr. Knightley confess their feelings for one another. Knightley proposes to Emma; the happiness of Harriet, Frank, and Jane, which Emma’s intrusion had endangered, is secured as Harriet accepts Mr. Martin’s proposal and Jane and Frank prepare to marry.
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