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CEA presentation

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ish amarreh

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of CEA presentation

Committee Meeting Classes
Research Prelim Ish Amarreh Memebers
Beth Meyerand
Bruce Hermann
Linda Hogle
Ron Kalil
Sterling Johnson
Brain Baldo
Jack Nitescke NEuroacience
610 molecular Neuroscience
6111 system Neuroscience Public policy Public Policy
PA 818
PA 873
PA 874
PA 878
PA 880
PA 900

Completed Classes Classes for next year Neurosience
Imaging neuroscience(Fall)
Cellular Midlevel(spring) Public Policy
Cost-Benefit analysis(fall)
Cap-stone (spring) Epilepsy
Childhoogd Epilepsy is a prevelant neurological disorder that is often complicated by cognitive impairment

Study design

Orginal cohort of 75 children(8-18)with new onset epilepsy and 62 healthy controls
New cohort of 75 childern(8-18) with new onset epolepsy and 75 healthy controls
Total =150 epileptic childern 137 healthy controls
Structural scan
Diffusion tensor imaging scan
Neuropsychological assessment
language,memory,executive functions and motor/psychomotor speed.

Identify the nature of abnormal white matter microstructure associated with epilepsy.Hypothesis: Childern with epilepsy will have decreased cerebral white matter microstructure at onset of the disease.
To identify the functional cosquence of decrease white matter in epileptic children.Hypothesis: Epileptic childern will exhibit decresed fuctional activation in executive function regions of the brain.
Determine the association between the structral and functional abnormalities and neurobehavioural comorbidity.Hypothesis: Children with epilepsy will exhibit increase levels of academic problems and ADHD???
Outside area Paper
Deleniating the boundry of Adolescent/Adult brain
Expectations: How long, review of the topic and critique,and policy consequences. How much prelim data?
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