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Goalrilla Australia [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Goalrilla Australia [Shared]

Goalrilla Australia
The most recent Sweeney Sports research in Australia shows that
one in three Australians have an interest in basketball
Basketball is played by approximately
one million
men and women, boys and girls throughout Australia.
1,015,000 grassroots participants;
625,000 participants 15 years and over; and
390,000 participants under 15 years.
Basketball is the 2nd highest team participation sport in Australia.
9% of Australians aged between 5 and 75 years currently play basketball.
14 Australians have played in the NBA, 5 of those are playing currently
…and over 75 Aussies in the NCAA
Market Research
Company Information
Divisions of Escalade Inc. - Publicly Traded on NASDAQ (ESCA)
Escalade was the top performing "Sports" Stock of 2013
High End Basketball Hoops
Designed to Provide Arena Like Play
Performance Features with Great Value
Performance Features with Great Value
42% of participants play basketball weekly.
25% of Australians have participated in basketball during their life.
5% of Australians provide volunteer support to basketball.
27% of Australians consider themselves fans of basketball – while 8% consider themselves ‘fanatics’.
42,000 primary aged children participate in the Federal Government’s Active After Schools basketball program – the 3rd highest participated sports program.
The latest sports participation data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – released in October 2012 – shows basketball has defied the national trend and continued to grow its already strong participation base among children.
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