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About Prezis

Ideas for Prezi, basic things to do, etc.

Eliza Spinna

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of About Prezis

So... what are you going to do with your prezi? To create a text box, just click the Prezi. Type what you want to say into the box, If you want to change the settings, there will be a box just above the text box. You will see a button that says, "Title." Use this if you want a title. Next to it the "title" button, there are two other buttons. One of them is for subtitles (it says "subtitles") and the other is for the body; it says "body." Next to that are two buttons. One has a small A, and the other one has a larger A. These buttons make the text smaller and larger. Next to that button is the color button. It has a square on it, Click the square, and an array of colors will come up. Highlight the text and click a color of your choice. This will change the color. there is also a gray arrow. Click if for more options such as bullet points, paragraphs, and more. If you create a text box that you don't need, just delete the text in it and double click the area that does need the text box.
When you are finished with the text box, click another unoccupied place. To make the text box larger, click the text box. There will be a strange circle icon. The hand on the inside will move the text box around. The middle circle will help you make the text box larger or smaller. Drag it out of the circle to make it larger, drag it towards the center to make it smaller. You could also click the plus and minus signs to make it larger or smaller. The most outer circle will help you rotate it, and make things sideways or upside down. There will be two icons. The garbage can deletes the text box. The pencil enables you to edit the text. Now for the Fun Part--Lets get Creative! Tip #1: Be patient with Prezi! It might take a while to get used to, especially if you are used to Power Point. But using Prezi pays off, and in the end, you'll love it. Just keep trying and never give up! To move around the presentation, click empty space and drag it.
To go back to the overview of the Prezi, click the "home" button on the side of the screen. To zoom in and out, click the the + and - buttons under the home button. To save the Prezi, go into the left-hand corner and click the second button. To create a new Prezi in a new window, click the button next to the save button. It looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded over. To present to Prezi, click the blue "present" button at the top of the screen. To undo or redo, click the arrows next to the save button. Text Basic Functions Starting Out Create a Prezi account, or log on to Prezi. Go to "My Prezis." You'll see a box prompting you to create a "New Prezi." Click that box (its blue). It will ask you for the name of you're presentation and a description of it. Use the description box for a few sentences describing your prezi, but nothing huge.
Then, you'll be asked to use a template. Depending on what you want to do, choose a template. Beginners shouldn't use anything to complex. Click the blue "Choose" button, and then it will take you to your prezi. Click "Your Prezis" Title goes here When you are ready, click "Create New Prezi" Put the brief description here If you decide that you do not want to create a Prezi, click "Close." Now that you have created the beginning of your Prezi, you have a blank space on your screen that you want to fill up with useful information.
What do you do with it? How? Congratulations! You've made the beginning of your Prezi! Yay! In the middle, there is the hand, It is used to move the text around. The outer circle is used to make the text larger. The pencil allows you to make changes to the text. The garbage can deletes the text box. The outer circle permits you to rotate text--just drag it! Tip #2:

Get used to Prezi by experimenting with all of the buttons on a separate practice Prezi. Tip #3:

If Prezi really isn't working out for you, take a break, and then try it again. Chances are, you'll like it more! About Prezis All you need to know about how to use Prezi Hello. My name is Eliza Spinna. This presentation is all about Prezi. If you are not sure how to use this zooming presentation editor, you should view this.
I do not work for Prezi. Since you are here, you most likely want to learn about Prezi. What is Prezi? It is an awesome presentation website which zooms! Instead of boring Powerpoints, not we have a whole new dimension of presentations with Prezi. Enjoy! Intro The plus sign zooms in while the minus sign zooms out! To go to the overview of the presentation, click the "home" button. To save, click here. To open a new Prezi in a new window, click here. To present your presentation, click the blue "present" button To undo or redo an action, click the arrows. undo redo Now that you understand the basics, lets get creative. We are about to learn about pictures, frames, themes, shapes, and more! Handy Tip #4:

Make your Prezi zoom! Try different text box sizes to create the effect of zooming--that's what prezi is about! Make some boxes tiny, while others are huge! Get creative! At the top of the screen, there is a is a bar of things to do. Some of them include, "Add Frames," "Images," and "Shapes."
Click Frames, and you can add a frame into your prezi. The frames help you show your work in an organized way. There are also layouts in the "Add Frames" menu. Those are especially helpful for flowcharts.
Next to the "Add frames" button, there is a "Themes" button. What that does is that it changes the background color and the default fonts of your Prezi. Some are better for corporate presentations, while others are better for research projects. Some are the best for fun Prezis. It's all up to you.
Click "Customize Current Theme" under the themes to change the default fonts and the background. This technique is harder to use, so I suggest people who are new to Prezi not use that button until they become more advanced. After "Themes" on the menu, there is a button that says, "Images." If you chose to choose an image from your computer, such as a photo booth picture or a saved screen shot, click "From File." If you want a picture from google, click "From Google Images" in the menu that will scroll down when you click "Images." You can either select a file or search the web for a picture.
The "shapes" button is next to the "Images" button. It lets you draw using "pencil," highlight using "highlighter, and add shapes (choose different kinds of shapes in the menu) which you can make larger by dragging the dots on the shapes corners. The last thing you can do with the "shapes" part is insert a symbol. A list of awesome shapes and symbols ranging from lightbulbs to arrows to computers to airplanes to the prezi logo will appear. Drag the blue dots to make the sides longer. Choose from a hand-full of different ways to show your chosen shape. Tons of things to choose from! Click "choose" when you are done! Pick a theme. If you are advanced, click "customize current theme." Insert images or search for one on Google Find Media from a file or search for one on Youtube. Put a Youtube video into your Prezi by copying a link and pasting in onto the box. http://youtu.be/thisisanexampleofalinkcanyoureadme?Ilikepickles!GOgiants! You can add different frames here. cute dogs chewing on apple cider gingerly Select images or search for them. Now, I think you know the basics.... There are thousands of ideas out there... Waiting for YOU! Tip #5: Have fun! Don't forget to check out the other prezis online!!! Thanks for watching!
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