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Overview of the United States Constitution

A basic overview of the Constitution

Laura Thrower

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Overview of the United States Constitution

Overview of Our United States Constitution Part I. The Preamble Our constitution has 3 parts... Why do you think the framers of our constitution wrote this Preamble? Part II. The Articles The Articles detail the relationship between the state and federal government. They also layout the 3 branches of government
and the rules that govern each. Part III: The Amendments The framers left a way for the people to CHANGE the Constitution. (or amend) The first 10 Amendments are called ___________________ and they were added because ________________________________. Separation of Powers The principle of government where power is divided into three branches. WHY did the framers want to separate the powers? Popular Sovereignty "the people rule" Federalism A system of government in which power
is divided between a central government and
state governments. Why did the framers want to keep separate levels of power between governments? Limited Government There are limits to what government can do. How do we limit government power? Leislative branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch Freedom of speech Freedom of religion Freedom of press There are 27 Amendments total. BIG CONCEPT ALERT! There are 5 major principles found within the Constitution. You will learn MANY examples of these throughout the semester. But to get an "overview" of these concepts, use your "Overview" chart to take notes and draw these concepts... The idea that the branches will have some power over the other branches is known as "checks and balances". What are some examples of how "the people rule" in our country? Rule of Law Nobody is above the law. Nobody! In what ways can we make sure our government is not "above the law"?
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