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STEM Elementary: How to develop a STEM Centric Unit

In an elementary classroom, how can you develop STEM centric units using a quick brainstorming template.

Erin Landsman

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of STEM Elementary: How to develop a STEM Centric Unit

STEM Centric Units STEM Education
Elementary So how can I teach my content through STEM? Start with....
Content Standards The STEM Standards of Practice will be used to guide the instructional approach Use the STEM Centric Brainstorming Template Image Sources 1. Learn and Apply Rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Content
2. Integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Content
3. Interpret and Communicate STEM Information
4. Engage in Inquiry
5. Engage in Logical Reasoning
6. Collaborate as a STEM Team
7. Apply Technology Appropriately Select the main grade appropriate curriculum standards that will be addressed in the unit.

*If this is a Social Studies Unit you would use Social Studies Content Standards.
* If this is an Art Unit you would use Art Content Standards. https://www.climateinvestmentfunds.org/cif/node/2
http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-504784_162-10015088-2.html Solution: Support STEM Education While only 4% of workers are
in STEM careers, they create jobs for the 96% in other fields. Only 4% of Bachelor's degrees awarded in the U.S. are in Engineering. Why STEM Education? Rising Above the Gathering Storm 2012 Science and Engineering Indicators 2012 96% of all U.S. STEM jobs
will require post-secondary education by 2018. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics 2011 54% of High School Graduates are not ready for college level Math. 69% are not ready for college level Science. The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2012 STEM Standards of Practice
(Student Behaviors) Making
Career Connections Using Problem or Project Based Learning Adding Real World Connections Describe how students will Integrate Content, engage in Communication, Inquiry, Logical Reasoning, Collaboration and apply Technology strategically. How could you engage students in the STEM Standards of Practice? In Grades 3-5 students might...
Communicate: Critique the opinions/arguments of others.
(CCSS SL. 5.1b) In Grades 3-5 students might...
Engage in Inquiry: Identify evidence needed to solve real world problems or challenges. In Kindergarten students might....
Engage in Logical Reasoning and Brainstorm real world problems that occur at home, school, or in the community. In Grades 1-2 students might...
Collaborate as a STEM team and Identify specific behaviors and knowledge needed by STEM professionals. Add a Real World Connection Develop a complex question or identify a global issue, or real world problem that relates to the content standards. How does the Moon impact our daily lives? Where should a new road be built in Frederick and who makes the decision? Decide on Transdisciplinary Connections What additional content areas will students need to be engaged to understand the real world problem or global issue? ELA: Informative Writing Math: Collect, organize and display data using tables Science: Environmental Impacts Add Career Connections Describe STEM careers that relate to the content. Think about...
How you can incorporate STEM careers into the unit? Lesson Seeds List multiple lessons or concepts that can be used to support student understanding of the real world connection and content. Hint: Use what you already have for lessons! Real World Problem Example:
"Where should a new road be built in Frederick and who makes the decision? Lesson Seeds:
Role of government officials
How government officials are selected
Using various resources to determine need
Using resources to communicate a problem or need
Environmental impacts from roads Finally, add a Student
Product, Process or Action How will students
summarize what they have learned and respond to the real world problem or global issue in a performance based assessment? Product Ideas: Quilt
Mural Now you have a tool to help you develop your own STEM Centric classroom! Questions? Try the U Drive Resources! Contact:

Kim Day
STEM Coordinator
Erin Landsman
STEM Teacher Specialist *A tool to help you approach content through STEM Education The first math museum in the United States opened Dec. 15, 2012 in NYC with 40 exhibits. Design the 41st exhibit so that visitors could explore and learn about the meaning of volume. Transdisciplinary Connections for a Social Studies STEM Centric Unit might be... Models
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