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Strategic Planning Internship Application

2013 Summer Internship at Grupo Gallegos

Anna Moreno

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Planning Internship Application

Plan of Attack: Present findings to Team Strategic Planning Internship Application: Grupo Gallegos Key Players and Resources
in the Fashion Biz Make Client Swoon. By: Anna Moreno Question: You just won a major department store account; what is an interesting consumer trend in the retail and fashion space that could help with this project? Anna Ojalá que me den el internship! Trends are at the heart of the fashion. You can be aware of all the trends, but what you really need is a plan to uncover relevant ones that affect our client. One prevailing trend is the rising use of technology in the retail and fashion space. Fashion Bloggers Women's Wear Daily Fashion Week Social & Mobile Digital, baby. The use of technology is changing the face of fashion and retail. They invaded the fashion establishment and are here to stay. The trade publication of the fashion industry. Bloggers are opinion leaders and are key to uncovering trends. Keep tabs on competitors
Gain market intelligence
News by authorities
The fashion bible Ask the right questions. What are your client's business objectives? Know the ultimate goal. New York - Paris
London - Milan Always keep your target market in mind when hunting for consumer trends.
This plan will keep you on track. Digital Retail Fashion Research! Segment your customers.
-Demographics -Psychographics
-Behavior -Geography -Which online platforms do your customers engage in?
-Have that in mind when engaging with them online and digging for trends. Leverage the digital space to keep tabs on the latest in retail and fashion. Tech has made fashion move at a faster pace than ever before. Fashion shows are now streamed online
Fieldwork if attending in-person Uncover your core customer. Their loyalty is everything. Follow up with consistent trend monitoring.
Create winning strategy and creative. Fashion Apps The World's First Live Streaming Only Fashion Week Image Credit: Poshmark: a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion. Shop the closets of women across America. Go Try It On: share fashion finds, give and receive style advice, and create a shopping list of products. Snapette: top shopping app for discovering in-store fashion products and sales. Shop the best stores, designer brands and local boutiques. Key Platforms Tumblr Twitter Pinterest Fashion Communities Polyvore Pose Svpply Photo Credit: Last Steps: Business Administration, Marketing - Class of 2013
California State University, Fullerton Trends
Shopping Thanks for your time! -Anna M. Moreno photo credit: Photo credit:
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