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Overview: iPads for Instruction

No description

Ashley Croft

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Overview: iPads for Instruction

You will need: Ease instruction
engage students. Do things you couldn't
do before. Push teachers to use creation apps like: iBooks
Comic Books
Math Splat
Zombie Grammar
American Presidents
OverDrive MacBook (per cart)
Sync cart
Protective cases
Volume Purchase Program voucher(s)
Manager iPads in the Classroom From Purchasing to
Enhancing Instruction Purchase SPEED BUMP #1 It takes a long time to get the iPads set up the way you want them. Purchasing apps
Organizing apps
Tracking app purchases/licenses
Updating iOS
Setting up profiles
Making LOTS of mistakes Ease
Engage Use of consumption apps like: SPEED BUMP #2 Very few things will work like you imagined in your perfect world. Small discoveries like:
You should immediately befriend whoever holds the secrets to the wireless network.
iMovies are nearly impossible to get off of iPads.
Kids are really sneaky and shockingly good and messing things up (usually on purpose).
Email isn't really an option. Enhance iMovie
PhotoWall Pro
Sock Puppets
iCardSort Resources www.appitic.com



lmstechnology.weebly.com Litton Setup 125 iPads in 5 mobile carts
1 cart/grade (5-8)
Carts available for checkout through library
Teacher manages all carts and leads staff PD
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