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11.3 The Spread of the Renaissance

Out of Italy!

Ms. Borba

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of 11.3 The Spread of the Renaissance

The Spread
of the Renaissance

started in CHINA made it to Europe
said to be invented by Ts'ai Lun under Emperor Wu who reigned around 100 BC

1455: Johann Gutenberg developed the printing press
used movable type - metal letter "stamps"
making copies became MUCH easier and cheaper
Students from around Europe traveled to Italy to study
Most teachers at Italian Universities were HUMANISTS
Students from Northern Europe came to study & took ideas back home with them
New universities opened throughout Europe
The Invention of Paper
The Printing Press
New Universities
How it left Italy
Why is the invention of the printing press significant?
Why did church leaders fight against printing translated copies of the Bible?
cheaper and easier to prepare than animal skins
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