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Evonys Amazing Learning Styles

No description

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Evonys Amazing Learning Styles

Visual Language
Definition~ Learns best by seeing words
Visual Numerical
Definition~Must see numbers on board or paper

Social Individual
Definiton~Works best alone

Evony's Amazing learning styles
Evony Wolf
Written Expressiveness
Spatial & Interpersonal
Right Brained
P, T, N & I
Easier when people write out how to spell them instead of telling me how
When it comes to math I'm OK at reading diagrams
In math I cant really do the problems in my head I have to do it on paper
I rather do worksheets
When I work with people I get off track
Dont like working in groups
Definition~ Prefers to write out answers
Love to write
I love U.S history cause we write a lot of notes
Definition~Spatial~Likes to draw and work with Colors
Definition~Interpersonal~Has lots of friends and like to join groups
1. I love Art
2. I love to Color with my Sister
1. I talk to pretty much everyone
2. Im in a group and I really enjoy it
Definition~ Right brained people are very creative and spontaneous
I pick up with my friends are sad or mad etc
I remember Faces not Names
Definition~People who tend to think bad things are going to happen
I dont like going places with out an adults or large amounts of people
People scare me
Definition~Most Extroverts are outgoing
Im normaly crazy once I get used to you
I talk to pretty much everyone (Besides the people I dont like)
Definition~Tend to collect a great deal of stuff and have issuses parting with it

Im very emotional when it comes to certain things
Im Social because I love to talk :)
Definition~Seek to develop logical explanations for everything that intrests them
I am very Quite when I want to be
Im Adaptable, I honestly don't care what Im doing
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