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Textiles & Technology

No description

Maria Ferrari

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Textiles & Technology

Textile Investigation
Main Idea
To create a repetitive pattern based textile for a large outdoor tent for a nursery garden.
Design Inspiration
Shape Memory Alloy Application
Led Light Sensor Application
Textiles & Technology
Manipulated by...
1. Light Levels
2. Temperature Levels
LED Light Sensor Code
Heat Sensor Code Setup
Primary Design
Modified Design
Laser Printing Process
Juan Gatti
3D Design
2D Design
NOT Occurring
Perspective View

2D No Bending
3D Bending
3D Perspective View
Trial 1
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Final Light Sensor Product
Vinyl Coated Polyester
Formed with a...
Polyester Scrim
Adhesive Agent
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating.

The adhesive agent bonds the scrim with the PVC, which collectively provide numerous beneficial properties, including:
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Water resistant
The PVC coating itself results in:
Color (dependent on PVC color)
Resistance to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV radiation.
Light Sensor applied to read environmental light values and turn LED lights on and off.
Once the environmental light level is dark the LED's turn on, and then turn back off once it is day time again.
Temperature Sensor applied to read environmental temperature alterations which would affect the shape memory alloy.
The hotter it gets the more the shape memory alloy contracts, creating more shade for the plants below and vice versa.
This tent textile would preferably be placed
over a group of xerophytes.

Allows a optimum amount of sunlight to enter due to the numerous gaps in the design

Inhibits the build up of humidity due to the holes on the textile, hence providing a dry environment.
Tent would allow plants to receive the right amount of sunlight exposure for photosynthesis to take place and minimize capillary damage from direct and strong sunlight of the afternoon.
Investigation on material of Denver, Colorado airport tent room.
Teflon-coated, woven fiber glass
Material reflects 90% of sunlight and doesn't absorb nor conduct heat.

Previous Design
Inner design was reduced to create a more solid shape without so much gaps but conserving a few.
Test Trials of
Vinyl Coated Polyester
Four small square trials were carried out to note how much it takes to etch this material.
Blue = 80% 50% 1000
Red = 80% 20% 1000
The etch was to strong for the skinny legs of the beetle design.

Broke apart into individual fragments.

Trial 2 & 3
Cut modified design on paper for back up application of shape memory alloy.
Initial design was cut out
on chipboard to display...

Physical difference
between design layouts

Actual tent size design
Final Cut
1.) Aesthetics, since the legs are so thin it is hard to hide the threads without damaging the design.

2.) Circuit damaged if strings touch, so tape was placed to avoid circuit failure.
Placement organization
Sowing LED
Sensor and battery placement
Final Product
Motion Sensor linked to the LED
in order to detect when someone is walking under the tent the lights shine brighter allowing individual to see the pathway better.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art Exhibit: Contra Luz (Back Lighting)

Located in the museum Eduardo Sivori

Interesting use of negative space
Some of his works...
Modification of Design
Title: Escarabajo
Heat Sensor was not reading any values from the serial monitor.

Simplified version hand cut out
Shape memory alloy measured placed through
Copper tape and beads placed and attached.
Final Project: Nursery Garden Tent
Maria Ferrari
Physical Representation of Movement
Virtual Representation of Movement
Limitations with Shape Memory Alloy
1. When cut it would loose its function.

2. Many didn't work.

3. Burned out really easily.
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