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Swamp Biome

No description

Logan Matzke

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Swamp Biome

Swamp Biome Project What to do in the swamp There are many new
things a person can see
in a swamp. You can take boat
tours and see alot of wildlife
such as an alligator close up. Public Parks for swamps There is a state park in Louisiana
where you are able to go and take
a swamp tour with guides that are very
entergetic. Abiotic Factors The abiotic factors for a swamp are water, rocks, soil, and plant litter. Biotic Factors Biotic factors in the swamp consist of over 5000 different types of plants, and lots of life such as bugs, and aligators and frogs. Sites http://grmsbiomes.pbworks.com/w/page/23239930/Biotic%20Factors%20-%20Wetland Organisms found in this Ecosystem Producers: cattails, tall grass, algae, marsh, and trees Primary comsumers:deer,ducks, or even fish Teritary consumers: alligators, beavers, and some birds Heron Muskrat Ribbion Snake Dragon Fly Coots Algae Water scorpion Endangered species Some endangered species in the swamp are. The American aligator, Santa Cruez long-toed salamander, chinese egret, and the White winged wood duck. Why are these Species Endangered? According to the Envirormental Protection Agency. There are 1/3 of the endangered species living in fresh water and swamps. Why in this area? Its because of urbanization that is killing these species. http://www.ehow.com/facts_6172081_endangered-wetland-animals.html Human Impacts
Air and water Polution
Run off
Realease of toxic chemicals Cattails Wooduck Alligator Secondary Succesion There wouldnt be a forest fire
in the swamp because there is too much water.
Really the only way something could happen
would be a hurricane. Such as hurricane Catrina
wich messed up alot of the swamps and wetlands
down south. Predictions I belive the that in the future
the swamps will grow, due to
the rainfall levels. Also i do belive
that most of the swamp life will
decrease. Reasons for, the population
of the world is growing also all of the
polution and run-off of wastes goes
to swamps. Which is starting to makes
species die fast. Map of U.S wetlands/swamps Logan Matzke Pictures of the Swamp Best time to go The best time to go to
the wetlands/swamp. Is when
all the migratory birds are there
and thats when everything is in
full color.
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