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1/17 Panama Canal

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 17 January 2018

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Transcript of 1/17 Panama Canal

12/10 Panama Canal and Map
Warm Up
What gave the U.S. access to Chinese goods?
America Builds the Panama Canal Video
Homestead Act
Definition: encouraged Western migration by providing settlers 160 acres of public land.
Example: People that used the Homestead Act were required to complete _________of continuous residence.
Map on Page 16
Map Activity Page 17
Look at the map. What type of territories are most of the territories we gained? Why?

Definition: Countries "needed" to to expand their borders to have new markets and raw materials for their goods
Example: Big countries, like the U.S., felt expansionism was ______________________ after the industrial revolution.
Morrill Land Grant/ Acts
Definition: 1860 and 1890 ; Laws to help create agricultural colleges by giving federal land to states
Example: Michigan State University was founded using the
Morrill Land Grant
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