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This is about my favorite group ^^ I hope you like them too~ BABY is a major fandom... it's crazy (e___e;;) Just kidding but we really support our boys :D

Jessica Park

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of B.A.P

Here are the members ! Best Absolute Perfect Warrior POWER No Mercy No Mercy Full Name: Bang Yongguk
Birthdate: 1990-3-31
Pre-Debut: Underground Rapper
Trainee Time: 6 years
Age: (U.S.) 22 (KR) 23
Leader of B.A.P YONGGUK Full Name: Kim Himchan
Birthdate: 1990-4-19
Pre-debut: Underground Sing/Rap with Yongguk
Trainee Time: 1 year and a half
Age: 22 (in U.S.) 23(in KR)
Low Vocal of B.A.P HIMCHAN Full Name: Jung Daehyun
Birthdate: 1993-6-28
Pre-Debut: Singing with his friend at preformances
Trainee Time: N/A (sorry)
Lead/Power Vocal of B.A.P DAEHYUN Name: Yoo Youngjae
Birthdate: 1994-01-24
Pre-Debut: JYP Trainee for a year
Age: 18(U.S) 19(KR)
Lead Vocal of B.A.P with Daehyun YOO YOUNGJAE Full Name: Moon Jongup
Birthdate: 1995-2-6
Pre-debut: Street Dancer
Age: (US) 17 (KR) 19
Trainee Time: 1 year and a half MOON JONGUP
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