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Avatar Prezi

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Sarah Hiltunen

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Avatar Prezi

Plot Summary

The movie Avatar is a science fiction film about life in 2154. In the story, a guy named Jake Sully is asked to participate in a science mission on the Planet Pandora. After a few unfortunate events, he finds himself inside of the native people, the Navi's, sacred tree with the person who got him there, Neytiri. Before he knows it he is not only learning the way of the people, but finds himself becoming one of them. This all ends when the colonel of the human's military learns of him no longer being as loyal to the humans as he is to the Navi people. This leads to the Colonel attacking very strongly onto the natives sacred tree to selfishly try to steal their resources known as unobtanium. This then causes the Navi people to fight back full force using their people, and Jake's prayers. After a long fight, the Navi people win against the humans and send them back to live on their dying planet, earth. Once they are sent back, Jake is transferred permanently into an avatar body so that he may permanently live amongst the Navi people.
Character Archetype- Hero
The main hero in the movie Avatar is Jake Sully. In literature, a hero is the protagonist that must pass through several stages in a quest in order to accomplish something for the greater good. In the story, Jake has to go through many ups and downs in order to conquer the main problem, which for him was the sky people trying to attack the Natives and their tree. In the end, Jake saves the Navi people by destroying the aircraft that was on it's way to destroy the tree of souls.
Character Archetype- Evil Figure With Good Heart
The evil character with a good heart ended up being Parker Selfridge. If someone is an evil figure with a good heart, then they are an antagonist but but are a redeemable figure because of the compassion that they actually have. In the movie, Parker is the one in charge of the military who are trying to destroy things that are meaningful to the Navi people at any cost. He shows that he has a good heart because when it came down to the fact that the people who live in the Sacred Tree might die, he told Jake that he would give him a time limit in order to try to save their lives.
Character Archetype- Scapegoat
In works of literature, the scapegoat is someone who is seeking their identity, and who often have a public death, although they most likely did not deserve to die. In the movie Avatar, the scapegoat is Trudy. Trudy was a pilot to the sky people and went on a mission with them to blow up the Sacred Tree. Instead of doing as she was instructed to, she flew the plane away from it. Then later towards the end of the movie, Trudy sacrafised herself in order to save the Navi people and their planet from the sky people who are trying to destroy what they love. This shows that she is the scape goat, because she dies selflessly in order to save a race that wasn't even her own even though she didn't at all deserve to.
Character Archetype- Star Crossed Lovers
Star crossed lovers are people who are destined to be together, but who's relationship is often ill fated.This means that their relationship will most likely end in tragedy. In the movie, the star crossed lovers were Neytiri and Jake. In the beginning, they form feelings for each other. Although, their future was bound to end in tragedy because Neytiri was a Navi, and Jake was a human, meaning that they could not live on the same planet as each other in their natural forms. Despite everything that stood in their way, at the end of the movie they beat the odds and end up being able to live together once Jake is permanently turned into one of the Navi people.
Character Archetype- The Earth Mother
In the story Avatar, the earth mother is Eywa. She is the earth mother because she is shown to the audience through the use of the various colors. She also guides people and gives them spiritual and emotional nourishment. Eywa does this by answering the prayers of the people throughout their lives. She even helped save the Navi people when she answered Jake's prayers and sent the animals of nature to rescue them from the sky people. Also, she is able to save people's lives by transferring their souls into a different body. This is demonstrated at the end of the movie when Jake is permanently transferred into an Avatar body so that he would then be able to live amongst the Navi people.
By: James Cameron

Plot Archetype- Separation: Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is known as the second part of the character's journey. This is when the protagonist is introduced to the pressures of something that forces them to face the beginnings of change. In the story, this is when Jake learns that his brother has died and that he is needed to step into his job as part of a research project on another planet. He is needed to do this because he has the same DNA as his brother which enables him to live inside of the same avatar body that his brother used.
Plot Archetype- Crossing The First Threshold
When a character is crossing the threshold, that means that the protagonist has committed to leaving the ordinary world. In the movie Avatar, this would be when Jake first enters the sacred tree and announces that he is committed to being one of the Navi people. He says that he wants to be like them and learn their ways of life like their languages and daily lifestyle. This does not go over very well with the native Navi people, but they begin to accept it once they find out that he was a warrior on earth.
Plot Archetype- Initiation/ Trials/ Tests
In the initiation stage of a movie, or other work of literature, the protagonist is tested and goes through several trials in order to prove themselves. In the movie, The initiation stage is when Jake is being tested to see if he is fit to be able to life amongst the Navi people. Neyteri taught him the language of the people, the way the way that they run around the forest, bond with other living things, and finally riding an eclon. Once he had conquered all of this, he is allowed to live with the Navi people.
Plot Archetype- Return: Refusal To Return
When a character is in the stage when they are refusing to return, they are not wanting to go back to where they originally came from. In Avatar this is when Jake is not wanting to go back to living with the other humans because he likes living with the Navi people more. He feels this way because he had bonded with them and had formed a relationship with Neytiri.
Plot Archetype- The Freedom To Live
In literature, when a protagonist reaches this stage, they are able to live freely the way that they please, or in a way "happily ever after". In the movie, this is when Jake is transferred permanently by Eywa from his human form into an avatar's body. By doing this, he is finally able to live amongst the Navi people without ever having to go back to the human people. This is important because he is then able to be with Neytiri and living with the people who he loves the most.
Observation One
In the story, the color of the avatars is blue. Blue represents peace, calmness, loyalty, faith, purification, and redemption.The color of the avatars is significant because the Navi people have a strong faith to Eywa and to each other. They have a strong bond that is unbreakable with each other because they are all one big family. Not only do they have a strong bond with each other, but also with all of the natural things around them. They thank nature for everything that it provides them with, even with the meat that they need in order to eat.
Observation Two
The color white often represents purity, or clarity. This is significant because the seeds of the sacred tree are white. This shows that the spirits are pure and are reliable to be trusted or followed. In the movie, the seeds saved Jake from being left alone in the forest by Neytiri. Because she saw these attaching to him, she knew that he had a good, strong heart and that he could be trusted.
The theme in the movie Avatar is unbreakable bonds. I think that this is the main theme of the story because it is shown constantly throughout the movie. This is demonstrated through the peoples special bonds with nature and each other, especially Jake's bond with Neytiri. These bonds show that no matter what the odds are, they are unbreakable because they never gave up on each other, or anything.
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