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Text Structure in Informational Writing

No description

Karen Earl

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Text Structure in Informational Writing

Text Structure in
Informational Writing

What is text structure?
Text structure is the way in which informational text is organized.
The way in which a text is organized can help the reader better understand the text's central message.
What are the most common text structures in informational writing?
Problem and Solution
Compare and Contrast
Cause and Effect
What is the problem and solution text structure?
- The problem and solution text structure gives a problem and then describes the way in which it can be solved.
- Words that signal the problem and solution text structure are:
The problem is
The question is
One solution
What is the compare and contrast text structure?
The compare and contrast text structure shows how at least two things are alike and different.
Common signal words are:
in contrast
both are alike because
What is sequential order?
Sequential order, also called chronological order, describes items or events in order or tells the steps to follow to do something or make something.
Common signal words for sequential order are:
What is the cause and effect text structure?
The cause and effect text structure explains why something happened or what happens as a result of something happening.
Common signal words are:
as a result
What is the description text structure?
The description text structure outlines a topic, idea, person, place, or thing by listing its features, characteristics, or examples.
Common signal words for description are:
for example
to illustrate
for instance
How does a writer decide which text structure to use?
A writer thinks about the purpose of what he or she is writing.
Based on that purpose, a writer decides which text structure or text structures to use.
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