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Finding Nemo Hero Journey Mertz

finding nemo hero's journey

Jackie Mertz

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Hero Journey Mertz


made by Mrs. Mertz
The Ordinary World
We are introduced to the hero's normal everyday life.
We learn the way the hero usually lives.
This is where the hero spends much of his/her time.
The Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is when the hero is first introduced to the problem.

refusal to the call
The hero feels the fear of the unknown.

Meeting the Mentor
The mentor provides the Hero with confidence
and makes sure the hero is doing the right thing. Dori provides marlin with advice.

Crossing the Threshold

The hero leaves the ordinary world and enters a world of unfamiliar rules and values.

The Challenges
or trials
The monsters Marlin must overcome.

Approaching the Abyss

The abyss is the darkest, most perilous part of the hero's journey. Marlin reaches the destination to find his son.

the ordeal
Having survived “death”, the Hero receives what he sought.
Marlin finds Nemo!!

When the hero reaches an almost death
usually the climax of the story.

Stage 11
The Resurrection

The hero must prove that he is worthy

The Return Home
The hero returns to his everyday life back to his ordinary world or home.
these bomb chicks
The Hero
The hero is the person who saves a person, an object or the world.
The hero doesn't always have powers and isn't always strong. However, one thing that all heroes have in common is they all want to save something or someone from harm.
The mentor is the one person that gives the hero advice and confidence.
Someone that causes distractions making the hero's journey a little more complicated with laughter etc.
A shadow is someone that is look to be a bad character but turns out to be a nice guy.
someone to unfold and realize who that true person is

The shapeshifter is someone that creates suspense by planting negativity into the heros mind
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The Herald makes the hero work. He or She brings a challenge for the hero to accomplish. Example:Nemo getting fishnapped
threshold guardian
Test the hero to make sure he is ready
protects the special world
The Mastery of the Two Worlds
The hero reconciles his experiences on his journey with his life back home.

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