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Relaxed to Natural Subculture Presentation

Comp II

Keyani Loftin

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Relaxed to Natural Subculture Presentation

Explaining Relaxed to Natural What's Relaxed to Natural Natural hair is a term used to refer to the natural texture of Black/African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals in any way.
Relaxers are chemicals straighteners that permanently alter the hair's natural pattern.
Hair relaxers contain harsh, toxic chemicals that break down the protein naturally found in hair to and straightens hair that is extremely
curly or Afro-textured.
70 to 80% of African American have
received a relaxer at some point, usually
between the ages of 6-15. Relaxed to Natural Subculture Explaining Relaxed to Natural For many the process of going from relaxed hair to natural hair is a tough decision
Our culture and the standards of beauty that have long existed prefers long, straight hair over Afro-textured hair
However, the growing group of Black women that opt for their natural Afro-textured hair verses straight relaxed hair are empowering women to create their own definitions of beauty, and liberating them from imposed definitions
These women are well aware that their hair sends a message to people, even if that message is misinterpreted. My Informant My main informant was my older sister KeAuri
She has been natural for about 2 years
"I realized a Black woman with an Afro has
never had her image glorified as being universally beautiful, and I was encouraging that it couldn't be by continuing relax my hair." What Makes Going Natural A Subculture A subculture, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is "an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society."
Through my sisters' experiences going natural I have witnessed that women within this subculture share a sense of affiliation with each other, and prosper because they differentiate themselves of mainstream culture. The Relaxed to Natural Subculture Keyani Loftin Through the use of online communities and forums dedicated to natural hair, members encourage and uplift each other to continue their natural hair journeys.
They share hair care products and styling tips
Communicate with each other using lingo like, BC (The Big Chop) or TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Although my natural hair is Afro-textured, I am not a direct insider of this subculture because I have been relaxing my hair since I was about six.
Even as an outsider I can still relate to some of the problems and stereotypes they encounter because I was teased as a child with natural hair
To get a true outsiders opinion, I decided to ask some of my friends who were born without Afro-textured hair "What were some of the first thoughts that come to mind when seeing a Black Woman with an Afro?
"Strong woman"
"How do you even style that?"
"Will she be mad if I ask to touch it?"
"Black Power" Hair is literally the extension of the self, especially amongst women, and it is seen as expressive of a person's nature.
People are constantly judged on the appearance of their hair and the statements it may make about them.
This is particularly an issue for Black women as they encounter notions surrounding their hair in all areas of life. My Position and Stereotypes In Conclusion... I believe the natural hair community is important because they are helping natural hair options become more socially accepted and popular
Helping young girls and women embrace their hair in ways that suit their preference, and not social ideals
Subculture is not about condemning one hairstyle choice, and being natural isn't always political
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