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Chios island. A hidden treasure in the Aegean.

Chios, an island in the East Aegean, is a destination off the beaten track, a hidden treasure in the Aegean, waiting to be discovered. This presentation was prepared by the Tourism Department of the Regional Unit of Chios.

george konstantas

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Chios island. A hidden treasure in the Aegean.

Chios beaches: there's always something new to dicover!
Medieval villages & castles
It is the 5th largest island of Greece with a population of 51.390.
Chios Island is known for the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and sparse rainfalls in the summer. There are often north – northwest winds and the average temperature in the summer ranges between 24 – 26o C (75.2 – 78.8o F).

Chios has a coastline of 229 km with 91 recorded seasides. The North Side Beaches and the West Coast Beaches are more remote, usually pebbled. Pine trees and vegetation often reach to the seaside.

The South Side beaches are more popular. Some, such as Karfas, Agia Fotia, Viri and Komi offer various facilities (cafes and restaurants, beach chairs, water sports).

A detailed map of the island's beaches is available on: http://www.chios.gr/en/things-to-see/nature/beaches

A hidden treasure in the Aegean
Chios, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, at the eastern border of Europe.
Chios Island together with the islets Oinousses and Psara form the Regional Unit of Chios.
The island is very close to the Asia Minor coast, only 3.5 nautical miles from cape Pounta to Erythrea Inland in Cesme.
Mastiha (gum mastic) is the brand product of Chios.
This unique natural resin of the Chios mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia) has multiple uses and its production and trade is a main pillar of the local economy.
The Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of natural Chios mastic, both in Greece and abroad.
Since 1997, Chios mastiha has been characterized as a Product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).
The mastiha tree is called “skinos” by the locals and grows all over the Mediterranean. However, the special variety that grows in Chios (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia) is the only one that produces natural resin or mastiha (gum mastic). The mastiha tree grows only in the south of the island.
The harvest starts in mid August and lasts for about a month.
The produce is then washed and thoroughly cleaned, piece by piece.
Visitors can enjoy the wildflowers of Chios all year round. However, there is an impressive variety of flowers from late winter until early summer. Autumn and winter landscapes are flooded with cyclamens, crocus, lilies and other wildflower species.

Orchids & Wild Tulips
Mavra Volia Beach
The trademark beach of Chios island. Deep blue waters and a volcanic energy that carries you away. Swimming in Mavra Volia is not just an unforgettable experience. It will raise your expectations from the beaches you visit in the future.
Chios has the best-preserved medieval defense network in the Mediterranean: Castles and Towers, Watchtowers and fortified settlements comprise a detailed defense system, similar to those of other parts of the Mediterranean, with byzantine and Genovese elements.

The island’s medieval past is marked in the monuments of the Byzantine, Genoese and Venetian period that were salvaged both in town and in the villages. A characteristic example is the Castle of Chios.
Chios nature
Chios is considered one of the most likely birthplaces of Homer, the greatest poet of the ancient world, father of the
and the

According to tradition, the
rock was the area where the great poet used to teach, and is thought as a sign of his presence on the island until these days.

Among other events that highlight the island's connection to Homer, Chios hosts annually an
International Congress of Homeric Studies Scholars
Nea Moni Monastery
UNESCO World Heritage
The Monastery was built in the 11th century and was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
It covers an area of approximately 17,000 m2 and is located in the central region of the island of Chios.
The church was decorated with superb marble works as well as mosaics on a gold background, all characteristic of the 'second golden age of Byzantine art'.

Natural Chios Mastiha (Gum Mastic)
The harvest is a complicated, laborious process that involves cleaning and soil leveling so that any mastiha drops that may fall on the ground can be easily gathered. The trunk is cut in specific places and the resin starts to flow.
The natural Chios mastiha (gum mastic) is used as gum, aroma and flavour in pastry making and also in the production of the famous mastic liquor. Mastiha oil is also used in furniture and musical instruments industry.

Mastiha has important qualities for medicine and pharmaceutics, some of which are known since antiquity.
The properties of natural Chios Mastiha
The citrus fruits gardens used to be watered through wells with “maganos”, a traditional way of irrigation. The two or three storey mansions would guarantee the owners not only spectacular views, but also a way to observe their estate.
Kampos is a unique residential complex, where the natural environment is in total harmony with the local architecture.
It is known for the impressive mansions with their citrus fruits gardens. The area is protected by the Greek Ministry for Culture, as a historic site and traditional settlement.
The Genoese and local aristocracy of Chios started building their mansions in the area in the 14th century.
The architecture of the area is impressive. Its unique distinctive elements include arched doors and windows, decorated balconies and terraces, huge iron garden doors, marble paved yards and painted ceilings.
Cycling in Kampos
Kampos is a lovely place to walk and explore, in order to admire the natural environment as well as the remarkable architecture. Some of the estates are open to the public.

Narrow streets between high stonewalls that protect the citrus trees gardens and the impressive mansions will offer you the experience of a unique bike ride.
Specialists think of Chios as a geological paradise. Visitors can visit the Caves of Olympoi in the south of Chios and of Aghio Gala in the north of Chios, accompanied by a guide.
Hiking Trails
The intense landscape of Chios will attract hikers. Among a variety of trails, the Regional Unit of Chios has mapped and signed eight characteristic trails. All information is available on: www.chioswalking.gr
Τigani - Sidirounta
A quiet beach with small pebbles on the west coast of Chios
Turquoise waters and pine trees that reach the seaside. The watchtower on the south will guard you from pirates.
At the southest end of Chios, right opposite of the islet Venetiko. It is a lovely drive through mastiha trees, and rewarding too, as you get to dive in the cool deep waters at the end of it.
On the trail of Chios's Medieval Past
Medieval villages: Volissos and the Amani area
The fortified settlements of central Chios (Anavatos, Avgnoyma, Sidirounta) are a testament to the island's medieval past.

The medieval settlement of Volissos is the largest village of the Amani area, in the north west of Chios. From Volissos you can start for the tour of Amani, in order to visit the mountain villages of north west Chios, with the strange names and the hospitable people.
Medieval cylindrical towers built on the island’s capes and shores for the purpose of monitoring the sea in order to timely notify the residents in the event of an enemy attack.

At short distances and in full view of one another, they constituted a coastal observation and message transmission network.
The villages of Mastiha
When visiting Chios you cannot miss a tour of the traditional Mastiha villages in the south. The medieval villages Pyrgi, Olympoi, Mesta with the special architectural features are part of a well preserved medieval defense network, that will transport you in times past.
Chios is a blessed island.
Apart from the Natural Chios Mastiha, there is long tradition in:
wine making
spirits (ouzo, souma, liquers)
sweet preserves
olive production
citrus fruits and their products
dairy products
Experience Gastronomy in Chios
Traditional events
The rocketwar in Vrontados
Traditional Events
New Year’s Eve Model Ships
Traditional festivals
You can travel to Chios by air or by boat.
There are daily flights from Athens and almost daily flights from Thessaloniki.

There are ferries connecting Chios to Athens (Piraeus & Lavrio), Thessaloniki, Lesvos, Samos and Ikaria, and Tsesme (in Turkey).

There are also daily ferries to the other islands of the Regional Unit of Chios, Oinousses and Psara.

Tourist information
If you wish to find out more about travel and accommodation in Chios, you can contact the Department of Tourism of the Regional Unit of Chios or the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Chios.

Department of Tourism of the Regional Unit of Chios
Phone number : 0030 22713 50514 - FAX: 0030 22713 50517
Website: www.chios.gr - email: tourismos@chios.pvaigaiou.gov.gr

Tourist Office of the Municipality of Chios
Phone number: 0030 22710 44389 - FAX: 0030 22710 44343
Website: www.chioscity.gr - email: infochio@otenet.gr
How to get here
For more information about finding where to stay in Chios, you can visit: www.chios.gr.

Also, you can contact:
Chios Hotel Owners’ Association
E-mail: dsy@chios-hotels.gr

Chios Association of Rooms to Let & Apartments
Phone number: 0030 22710 32900 - Website: www.chiostrip.com
Gastronomy & Events
Chios hotels
5 stars: 1
4 stars: 8
Α΄ class: 5
3 stars: 13
Β΄ class: 17
2 stars: 8
Γ΄ class: 2
1΄ star: 3

Total number of beds in Chios hotels, rooms and holiday homes: 4.938
Chios rooms for rent
3 keys: 34

2 keys: 118

1 key: 18

Total of holiday homes: 26

The island has a capacity of 4177 beds.
Chios holiday homes
This presentation was prepared by the Tourism Department of the Regional Unit of Chios.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information:
Phone numbers :
0030 2271350514
0030 2271350517


Contact person:
Mrs Maria Kova
, Head of Tourism Department
Local Products
Travelling to Chios
Connections by air
Domestic flights from and to:
Charter flights* from and to:
The Netherlands
The Czech Republic

*during the summer season
Chios.gr Travel Guide
The people of Chios have a long tradition in maritime and commerce.
Some of the most eminent greek shipping families come from Chios and Oinousses.
A lot of the people of Chios work in the shipping industry.
The Chios Maritime Museum and the Oinousses Maritime Museum are dedicated to the island's maritime history.
Maritime Tradition
UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage
Know-how of cultivating mastic on the island of Chios was inscribed in 2014 on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
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