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No description

Angel Zhou

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Circle

Revolution in mobile storage
Compact and stylish for everyday use
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi accessible
Stores your documents, videos, music and various other multimedia files
Accessible on many mobile devices with dedicated application
Targeted toward higher educated students and business professionals in the Philadelphia area Why Circle? Business Education For Who? Manufacturing C Our Customers •Business Professionals (age 25-65)
•Higher Education Students (age 18-24)
•Philadelphia, PA Uniqueness •Stylish and Wearable
•Music and Video Streaming
•Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity
•Compact Overseas outsourcing Competition Main Focuses: ient 2.) Great communication and support efforts Estimated Costs IP Acquisition •Hard drive Manufacturers
•Flash drive Manufacturers
•Competitive Storage Manufactures Trademark Mexico - Lowest cost for U.S customers
(AlixPartners) Highly competitive global marketplace Statistics •Growth in smartphone market 81%
•Adults owning a cell phone 87%
•Of that 87%, 45% own a smartphone
•Adults that own a tablet computer 31% Platforms St Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Implied Warranty Expressed Warranty - 40 days free repairing services -59 dollars one year contract repairing services Outlook How to use Circle? is -Social media
-Promoting events Our Mission 1. Download the App from the app store
2. Install the App
3. Wear it Necessary for work and studying
Easy to carry
Fair price
Worry free misplacement
No physical connection needed "To provide a revolutionary storage device for scholars and business professionals that is both useful and reasonably priced that fulfills the wants and needs of the user." Our Competitor: Wearable!! Wireless!! Storage device
Rubber bracelet
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Free product application software
Rechargeable battery
Offered in black and white 1) New company in the market 2) Quality price limit our customers Permission for Bluetooth & WiFi capabilities to transfer data 10.5 Million Production Cost Finances M Thank You! Any Questions? Competition is various storage device companies such as Seagate and Sandisk
Predicted to sell 100,000 units in our first year
First retail store in Center City Philadelphia
Production takes place in Mexico, providing an affordable product here in the U.S.
Feasible for our company to progress 3.)Share common drive for success 1.) Reliable & Efficient Profit from sales=$21 Million
Expenses=$18.7 Million
Net Income=$2.3 Million Porter 5 forces analysis Attrative or not? 1) Threat of New Entrants
2) Threat of Substitute Products or Services
3) Bargaining Power of Customers
4) Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5) Intensity of Competitive Rivalry Retailers Exclusive contracts with Barnes & Noble College and Best Buy
Center City, Philadelphia Store
Purchase at our website Circletech.com
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