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HIV & AIDS for kids - You are special

AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan

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Transcript of HIV & AIDS for kids - You are special

You can make good choices to keep your body healthy
Part of being special means learning to be responsible and being responsible is hard work. Being responsible means making good choices and doing what you say you can do.
What does it mean to be special?
1. There is nobody else like you in the world
2. You have your own appearance, abilities, and talents
What is a virus?
A virus is a germ you get from somebody else. It gets in your body and it makes you sick.
What is HIV?
You are special!
1. You can eat good foods
2. You can keep yourself clean
3. You can exercise, run, and play
If a person gets HIV and does not take their medication or live a healthy life they can end up getting very very sick and hurting their body.
How can I keep from getting HIV?
Right now there is no cure for HIV, but doctors are working hard to find one.
HIV can cause the very serious illness AIDS
1. Do not touch a needle if you see one on the ground. Playing with them is dangerous
2. Touching someone else's blood is also dangerous.
What can I do if I find a needle on the ground?
1. If you find a needle on the ground, go tell a teacher, your parents, or an adult.
2. Do not ever touch a needle on the ground
What can I do if I am with someone who gets hurt and starts to bleed?
What can I do every day to stay healthy?
1. Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze
2. Wash your hands
3. Eat healthy foods and play and exercise
Can I be friends with someone who has HIV?
1. It's ok to help someone but do not ever touch their blood!
2. Wear gloves
3. Go find an adult and get them to help you
A person with HIV needs friends just like you do! You can be nice to them, play games with them, give them hugs, and care about them even if they do have HIV
Thank you for listening!
1. A different kind of virus
2. It is not like measles, chicken pox, a cold or the flu.
3. HIV doesn't go away like other viruses do
4. HIV is harder to get
Part of being responsible also means doing what we can to keep our bodies from getting sick from germs and viruses.
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