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No description

Mayra Ixcoy

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Business

Zero Gravity Zone
we provide great service
You can get a membership or you'll just pay $12.00
You can participate in any activity
If you need any help you can ask any of the workers about it.
Zero Gravity Zone

My business service are
Food Court (get charged for food)
Game machine
A gym to work-out
in&out door Pools
Place to hang-out
Go- Karts
5 different room of trampolines
Cost: $12.00
_ or they can buy a membership (cost will depend for how much long they want the membership) they will be able to get in everywhere
Partner skills: i work well with partners.
Abilities: Talk with people, good costumer service.
Good Entrepreneur: have good ideas for the business.
Management: Me, a friend, people that i would hire.
Ideal Employee: Someone who is




*Trustworthy and

*good background check
Amount of Employees: may like about 15 employees.
Employees Salary: $10 an hour
Business Description
Logo/ Motto/ Character
(The fun begins with no GRAVITY!)
Management of Business
Organizational Plan
Industry Research
Market Analysis
Costumers: Any
5-10 year olds
11-14 year olds
15-18 year old
19-and older
I think everyone can have fun at this place and any activity is for them
Body Firm:
they been around for long, they're consider my competition because i have a gym at my business.
Star Athletic Club:
they have a gym as well, been around long.
McDonald, Subway, Dairy Queen, etc...
~ all restaurants ~ food ~ they're hang out places.
I have an advantage on competition because i have many things combine into one place.
Marketing Plan
TV Commercials
Social Medias Ads
Banner Ads
Business Cards
Word of Mouth
Cash register
Staff T-shirts
Glow in the Dark
Laser tag objects
Financial Plan
Growth Plan
I think my business will expand more if it really hits it off. If my business does become successful then later on i can expand it more. I would be able to build more stations or place it bigger for more activities so the costumers wont get tired of it. Little by little i think this business would hit it off and be come BIG!
My over all feeling at first would be too much work. I think if I really want this business to succeed and became really important than I would put as much work into it and try my best for it to work out. I know that at the beginning it will a struggle because it's something new that i would be experiencing and hey why not give it a try because anything is possible with hard work as long as you believe you can to it. Once you've started you cannot back away or give up you never know what good thing you'll get for it.
Marketing Project
Newspaper Ad:
I've learned that this business might work as well as for the other business
I think I'm going to charge a little bit more than what i had planned.
creative advertisements to do are: giving out free passes, t-shirts, ads.
Survey Results
1. Would you be interested in Zero Gravity Zone, where you can work out, Jump in three different trampoline rooms, play games, do Go-Kart races, wall rock climbing, eat, and hang-out? 10 of 10 said Yes.
2. Would you come and check out this place? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
3. would you be willing to pay $12.00 or more? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
4. Do you like this idea for this place? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
5. Would you consider this a good place teens or other age group would attend to? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
6. Do you think this would be a fun place? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
7. Would you recommend this place? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
8. Do you think you would want work for this place?
- 5 said yes - 4 said no -1 said or?
9. If every night or every weekend would be a different theme would you wan to come? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
10. Would this business make it? 10 out of 10 said Yes.
Text ad: This text will tell them and inform
them about my business.
To get my business up and running I will probably take out a loan from the back or use any savings i got to start this business.
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