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Words do not sufficiently convey the greatness of it

Claire VanMeter

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of TRIP.

I didn't want anything too complex appearance-wise. Hope this looks okay without taking away from the actual planning. OKay? Good. Glad that's settled. Now for the important stuff....
OMG. EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C's List of Important

- Little to no plannning/ extra
responsible-ness once on the trip.
Catching planes and not getting lost
is plenty- I Don't want any worries
interfearing with the awesomeness
of the trip. Also keep in mind. I won't be an
adult, so my 'rents can veto my plans if they
are concerned about my well being :P .... which,
*COUGH* (Ches this means you) *COUGH* includes
traipsing around foreign countries all by ourselves

- Speaking of countries: I want to see
England, France, Germany, Italy.
Other then that I'm not fussy

-Museums and important historical things

-Shopping! I know we will have like, zero
luggage space and even more limited funds.
But honestly, I can;t leave without at least one super
sweet European clothing item. Pleeeease? ; D
N's List of Important
J's List of Important
FYI, I know you are smart human beings, but a reminder not to pt anything remotely private on here (Ie: Dates/airlines/hotel junk, names, etc)
Since when are we not allowed some of the most common girl names onthe planet? Lol, sorry, I know I know its safer blah blah blah, We need code names.
-Historical things & towns
-Top places to go: (but really Im okay to go almost anywhere. I draw the line at greece)
LONDON! And/or other places in England,
Venice (or really anywhere in Italy),
Austria? <-- An idea.
-I would prefer more time in places than in the air (if you catch my drift, no 36 countries in 4 days) But still a variety :)
-Im also more okay with the "not having every detail set" as N seems to gravitate toward, but I understand your point C, so deffs would take that into consideration, we should find a middle ground, that makes our parents happy as well as each of us :)
-Also, I would like to say that I agree with C, shopping? Yes please! But not all the time, Just a little :) we dont have the space anyway xD

1. Come up with awesome code names
2. Plan Trip
3. Graduate
4. Go on Trip

XD Best. List. EVER. <3
well I suppose names are ok... but code names are so much better, no? XD
How about something music related?
.... Klangfarbenmelodie???
No? Too long? lol
Cadence? Merridy (happy song)? Aria?
travel somewhere
definitly germany and i want to go some where in spain
go to at least one festival
river rafting please : 0
and definitly towns
Love this map.
It makes me very happy :)
Haha Whatever you want C
The shorter the better, we need this to be quick and easy to remember. so maybe Aria? I like that, Or Merry? NO WAIT ! You shoudl be Farb!!
I want to be.... Pengu. OR blip. OR moutard (pronounced Mow-Tar-D)
"Farb" is deffinately your new code name.
lol I certainly hope so.
We will go...
Did I forget anywhere?
Blip....? Am I missing a refereance here? lol I like it though. Maybe they should all be four letters long.... N needs one now... however, according to the internet: "Farb is a derogatory term used in the hobby of historical reenacting in reference to participants who exhibit indifference to historical authenticity, either from a material-cultural standpoint or in action. It can also refer to the inauthentic materials used by those reenactors." Not quite what we're going for, huh? How about Cade? Nope "Cade"s first google result is the Canadian association of Drilling Engineers. Maybe "merr" for Merridy, according to Urban dictionary "is an expression that can mean anything. It means so much that its nearly inmpossible to define. It's a word that can express any type of emotion you are feeling. It can also be used to complete or take the place of certain words. " thats better... or just go with ARIA XD although I like th randomness of Merr.
The first thing that comes to mind
"Cheshire cat
"... or is that too boy-ish?
"Ches, Blip and Merr" well, nobody but us would get those XD
...although I still don't know where blip came from
we are allowed to have as carry ons...
we'll need aprox. 10 days of stuff...
(because we need to last from when we
*think* we'll wash things to when we *actually*
do wash things)
....No problem, see?
Big Backpack
"Carry on sized" Suitcase
My proof as promised TARD-
my nine days of stuff pre-florida
trip... although we'll need a little more because
my parents packed things I needed
(travel documents and dull but important
stuff like that)
Merr, Ches, & Tard
....I like it :D
Perfectly represents my semi-regular lateness as well as my fascination and mastering of the french word "Moutard".
Before you come up to me saying that the first thing that shows up in google for Tard is "someone who is extremely slow, dumb, and "retarded" + alot of other super bad things..." I would like to INFORM you that the VERY first thing that shows up in google is accutally "Tard is a village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary" Sooo thats my new name.
Stuff isnt bad for what it is, its how you interpret it.
...And we will interpret it the other ways :D
You have been granted permission to NOT be named Farb here on out due to the fact that I didnt know about what you have just discribed below. Appologies.
*ahem!* Thats Tard to you !!
^^Well done :)
Oh Tard, This had me laughing out loud- Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen... who knew?? XD Sounds good, and I like your point about interpritation which is compleatly true... besides, people in France would get it ;)
super bad things
*takes bow* SO THERE ALL OF YOU WHO DOUBTED ME! MWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*ahem*.... I mean.... oh, its no big deal ;)
oh fine Ches. You better be practicing your Spanish; HERE.
....Anyone feel the same way??
1. Come up with awesome code names
2. Plan Trip
3. Graduate
4. Go on Trip
Thank you :)
I laughed for a very long time.
Oh my goodness, I dont think I will ever be able come back from this, I have disgraced myself beyond imagination :/
...just, wow.
I laughed at your response to this, and my mom looked over "Why are you laughing? I thought you were doing homework!"
<--- So I came back here, saw the Alot again, and started laughing almost as much as the first time I saw him. Oh my god.
Tooooo funny. I still cant believe I did that.
This is what I meant when I said a water flask
These particular ones hold 480ml which is 20ml less than regular bottled water but I'm sure they exist in different sizes. The ones shown above go for $12 and they are sold right here in Vancouver
But I'm pretty sure there are a few other companies that also sell similar products
To learn about all the eco-friendliness of it go to their website at http://www.lavishandlime.com/Vapur-Collapsible-Water-Bottle-p-965.html
And you may be thinking "Why Tard? Why on earth would we want to spend $12 to get new water bottles and how does this pertain to the awesome trip we are going to embark on next summer?" Well, I just figured that aluminum bottles can be kinda bulky and with us trying to pack as efficiently as possible, I figured something like this might be good to consider.
When we are traveling, even though we will want water, if there is extra space in the bottle it can be used for other things annnd they are not as heavy as aluminum bottles so 1) Better at the airport for carry on restrictions and 2) nicer for our backs during the day :)
But I just wanted to throw that out there :D
ooooh and they're pretty colours too! :) Brilliant.
Bonne idee. Tres bonne.
(FYI, it's not French class ickyness. C'est Paris wonderfulness)
(because really, you should be able to figure out what you'll need to wear)

-CAMERAS, because duh. MEMORY CARDS, MEMORY CARDS and MORE MEMORY CARDS. (1 good camera, 2 point and shoot?)

- Whiteboard, pens and papertowel

- Granola Bars/Snack foods because airplane food is gross and starbucks/timmy's=$$

- Water containers

- Travel computer (Tard), Ipods, Watches (because we won't have usable phones

My hair straightener won't work D':
(but the itouch's will)

- CARDS and travel games (ches)

- Mapbook, travel guide, phrasebook

- Adapters for computer and itouch, Chargers and batteries

- 25cent books and magazines for the looooong planeride

- SUNSCREEN BECAUSE OMG I BURN :( and aloe vera in case we burn

- DRUGS: Advil, Pepto, Benadryl x bazillion (Tard)
polysporn, gravol, bandaids, blister pad things, zinc, echinecia, vitamins, protien powder, cold/flue meds, bug repelant..... We'll be ready for ANYTHING!!! (Just don't get hit by a double decker bus- The first aid kit won't help you with that)

_Gum & hand sani

_Backup glasses for me, because gee, it would suck to not be able to *see* during sight*See*ing

- Money Belt

- Envelopes for recipts, because duty is evil but must be accommodated

- Small flashlight (so you don't wake up others because you tripped spectacularly trying to find the bathroom)

- Alarm clock
Wonderful list :)
:( sad face. Thats fine, we will deal :)
Airline Stuff and Plane Tickets
Hey guys, Tard here :)
I've been doing some research on plane tickets,
so here is a link to the cheapest that I have found so far:

in summary...
$1,197 per person, round trip
Takes us from YVR to Amsterdam (9.5 hours)
a 3 hour connection later and...
Then Amsterdam to London (1.5 hours)

Its a whole day trip, this particular one we fly early evening (Canadian time), arrive late afternoon (London Time)

And then it also has all the return times and specifics there on the website, if you want to have a look.

Keep in mine that no airline will let us look at prices this far in advance so this one is placed early June so expect prices to differ a little as we get closer to peak season
Not sure if its the right London that we need to be at, but hey this is still just a guesstimation
Here's a page with reviews for KLM Airlines if you want to have a read through that. Granted they have horrible reviews, and but when you consider a few things...
1) We have no check baggage for them to lose
2) We are looking for the cheapest possible option
3) We are fully prepared to entertain ourselves
Then maybe its doable :)
I'm gonna keep looking and update as I find anything else :)
DAY 1 London to Paris, France (option also to join in Paris).
We cross the English Channel to France by ferry and then pass by the battlefields of World War I on our way to Paris. Tonight a ‘City Lights’ tour. (D)

Time to explore Paris! The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Champs Élysées and Notre Dame Cathedral are ours to visit. Maybe a ‘Fat Tire’ bicycle tour around the highlights? Our Paris Gourmet Picnic beside the Eiffel Tower is delicious before an optional Seon-daypack.jspine River cruise or perhaps a visit to a cabaret show. (B,D)

DAY 3 Paris to Swis Alps, Switzerland.
Superb scenery as we head to the Swiss Alps and stay in our picturesque alpine valley at the foot of the Jungfrau Mountain. (B,L,D)

DAY 4 Swiss Alps.
An optional excursion to the summit of Jungfrau Mountain; home of Europe’s highest rail station anyone? (B,L,D)

DAY 5 Swiss Alps to Florence, Italy.
To Pisa, with its famous Leaning Tower and then on to Florence. Tonight enjoy the delicious Tuscan cuisine. (B,L,D)

DAY 6 Florence to Rome.
A guided tour of Florence with a local guide is a great introduction to the priceless treasures of this city. This evening we head to Rome. (B,D)

DAY 7 Rome.
Today we explore amazing Rome on a walking tour, then the rest of the day is free to enjoy. (B)

DAY 8 Rome to Venice.
First a visit to Vatican City where we have the option to see the Sistine Chapel and its beautiful frescoes, before we head for enchanting Venice. (B,L,D)

DAY 9 Venice.
Take a fascinating walking tour including St Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge. Then hop on a vaporetto on the Grand Canal, the perfect way to get around Venice. An optional
gondola ride is a must! (B,D)

DAY 10 Venice to Austrian Alps, Austria.
Our next stop is the gorgeous Austrian Alps where adventure activities abound. (B,L,D)

DAY 11 Austrian Alps to the Rhine Valley, Germany.
The former Nazi concentration camp of Dachau provides a reflective start to our day. Tonight we get to stay in one of the many castles or a fortress located on the banks of the Rhine. Some date all the way back to the 12th century! (B,L,D)

DAY 12 Rhine Valley to Amsterdam, Netherlands.
On to Amsterdam, famous for its bikes, canals and liberal lifestyle. (B)

DAY 13 Amsterdam.
Our bicycle tour is a great introduction to Amsterdam, then time to visit the museums, shops and monuments. Tonight there’s a farewell dinner followed by an optional canal cruise. (B,D)

DAY 14 Amsterdam to London.
Roll on Belgium and the city of Brugge, home to over 300 different beers and the finest Belgian chocolates! Then it’s back to London where it all started. (B)
Airline Specs:
Standard article
Maximum size:
23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm
(9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in)
Wheels and handles included.

Maximum weight:
10 kg (22 lb)

Personal article
Maximum size:
16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm
(6 in x 13 in x 17 in)

Maximum weight:
10 kg (22 lb)
A couple daypacks I found which were large but not too large for carry on.
this one's actually a 2cm too tall- but I figure that 2cm can smush enough to please the airport
as of May

my dad can make mine work :) So I will be bringing it
HOSTEL STUFF (Name of Hostel witheld because this is on the internet)
Check-in is from 2.30pm, please... they want us get in touch if we'll be arriving very early or very late at night

The reservation reference number is 305242
in Merr's name, I need to find out reservation # for the original days too
(1) Private Room (up to 3 guests)
Extra day we booked 30June-1July
Plus original days

After tour reservation # is 304635
Private room for 3 guests
arriving on 17 JUL 13
& leaving on 18 JUL 13
As you can tell, I had waaay to much fun making this. It's looks pretty darn fabulous though, doesn't it??
I LOVE IT!!!! Is this from the program you are using to make the video??
-Tard (p.s. it has been so long since prezi, I forgot my username and had to look for it xD)
No, Prezi made new icon things! :D They're under "insert" "symbols and shapes"
<-- Forgot Immodium. Very important with all that foreign food
Day 1 – London to Paris
Depart around 6am
5h – 6h on Bus

Day 2 - Paris
Full free day in Paris

Day 3 – Paris to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
6.5h -7h on Bus

Day 4 – Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps, Switzerland
Full free day in Switzerland

Day 5 – Swiss Alps to Pisa, Italy
6h – 6.5h on Bus

Day 5 – Pisa, Italy to Florence, Italy
1h on Bus

Day 6 – Florence to Rome
Morning in Florence w/ planned day via Topdeck
2.5h – 3.5h From residence to residence

Day 7 – Rome
Full free day in Rome

Day 8 – Rome to Venice
Option of tour Vatican City
Evening Bus Ride
5h – 6h on Bus

Day 9 – Venice
10 min drive on Bus to Island
Topdeck morning preplanned – “Included ride on a gondola”
Free Afternoon

Day 10 – Venice, Italy to Tyrol, Austrian Alps, Austria
4.5h on Bus
Mountain Bike Exploration?
Otherwise, full free day in Austria, Tyrol Region, Austrian Alps

Day 11 – Austrian Alps to Dachau
2h – 2.5h from residence on Bus

Day 11 - Dachau to Rhine Valley
4h – 4.5 h on Bus

Day 12 – Rhine Valley, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands
4h on Bus
Walking tour via Topdeck

Day 13 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Topdeck Bike Ride + Arranged Dinner
Otherwise free day

Day 14 – Amsterdam to Bruges, Belgium
3h on Bus
Walking tour via Topdeck
Otherwise, free time

Day 14 – Bruges, Belgium to Calais, France
1h-1.5h on Bus

Day 14 – Calais, France to Clink 78, London, England
2.5h-3.5h Travel time on ferry + Bus

Sooo much closer now! Oh my, CANT BELIEVE IT!!!
No map as of now, but there are apparently a ton of waterfalls around, and so I feel that that should be a part of our stay while we are there, if possible.
(Planned tour Day)
But if we are looking for extra things to do, there is a lot
And I spoke to a bank teller and he explained that there was a place in Florence that you can go to the very top of something and look over the whole city, and it is a Florence must, he says Florence was by far the best place in Italy over Rome or Venice, but that is just one opinion, thought I'd share that.
Here is a link to general stuffs to do: http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attractions-g187895-Activities-c47-Florence_Tuscany.html
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