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Family Health Tree Amay Jain

No description

amay Jain

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Family Health Tree Amay Jain

Mum's Side Health Family Tree
By Amay Jain Gautam Jain (Dad) Shashi Bala Jain (Grandma) Adish Kumar Jain (Grandad) Sangita Aggarwal (Aunty) Sarita Goyal (Aunty) Pitam Singh Jain
(Great Grandpa) Prem Kali (Great Grandma) Smoker Arthritis, heart problems and hearing loss Died of heart attack at the age of 42. Heart problems and high blood pressure. No health issues No health issues Died of heart attack at the age of 81 Died of old age. No other health issues Dad's Side Renuka Maini (Aunty) Born
30/8/63 Chandigarh, India Vanita Jain (Mum) Born
5/1/66 Chandigarh, India No health issues Sarla Verma (Grandma) Born
13/3/41 Jamu, India Osteo arthritis and Engina Pran Krishan Verma (Grandpa) Born
12/6/35 India High blood pressure No health issues Manu Verma (Uncle) Born
29/6/73 Chandigarh in India No health issues Iqbal Verma
(Great Grandma) Born
1910 Kashmir, India Died of Cardiac Arrest at 81. Besides that no health issues Sardari Lal Verma Born
18/1/1906 Kashmir, India Died of heart attack at the age of 73. Beside that no health issues Born
26/4/65 Ludhiana, India Born
17/8/35 Born
30/6/30 Ropar, India Born
4/3/56 Ludhiana, India Born
29/12/59 Ludhiana, India Born
18/3/1901 Lahore, India Born
2/9/1912 Lahore, India Nikhil Jain (Brother) Born
20/4/98 No health issues Amay Jain Born
13/8/99 No health issues
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