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Early Modern Period 1450-1750

No description

Emilie Berger

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Early Modern Period 1450-1750

The Early Modern Period 1450-1750 By Emilie Berger 1299 Founding of the Ottoman Empire the Ottomans were one of the longest reigning Empires in history and were also one of the Gunpowder Empires so named for its military technology 1522 Magellan circumnavigates the globe though Magellan did not finish the voyage four of the original crew members returned successfully Thanks for Watching enjoy this adorable picture 1760’s Great Britain abolishes slavery in the West Indies (Caribbean) long arduous process with lots of rebellions on behalf of the Slaves bringing to light the harsh conditions of slavery 1626 Japan Banned Christianity the Japanese felt that Christianity was a hoax to soften them up to be conquered by the Europeans 1643 Reign of King Louis XIV aka Louis the Great supported the Arts Palace of Versailles Longest reign in French and European history 1534 Start of the Anglican Church (aka Church of England) started by Henry VIII to allow for divorce is headed by current reigning monarch of England 1368 Ming Dynasty begins in China ruled for 276 years very little technology advances 1498 Vasco de Gama’s Voyage to India Discovered trade route from Europe to India to East Indies 1492 First Europeans land in the “New World” Christopher Columbus lands in the “New World” while looking for India 1472 Russians win independence from Mongols Reunites Russia begins era of expansion and government reform 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas cleared up ownership disputes between Spain and Portugal in the “New World” 1500’s Atlantic Slave Trade began important aspect of triangular trade provided work force for the “New World” 1517 Martin Luther’s 95 Theses List of disagreements with the Pope sparked Protestant Reformation 1607 First British colony settled in North America Jamestown first settlement that survived began British colonization success 1672 Life of Peter the Great ruled Russia expanded and encouraged Westernization
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