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Types of news- Journalism Advanced II

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irma tellez

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Types of news- Journalism Advanced II

Dictionary of Canadian English

Something told as having just happened: information about something that has just happened or will soon happen.
A report of a current happening or happenings in a newspaper, on television, radio, etc
Types of News
General news is news that appeals to the general population.
General news articles appeal to the general population because the effects of these general news events will have wide or deep impact on the lives of average people
The oxford Dictionary of English
New things, novelties .
Tidings, new information of recent events; new occurrences as a subject of report or talk.
A newspaper.

Newspapers have become an essential. They are called ‘the mirrors of the world. They reflect and report the trends and happening from all parts of the world, covering every aspects of life- national, international, local, social, political, cultural etc. They design in a complete picture of our day-to-day life.
Niche oriented news
Niche news includes many topics.
Popular niche news topics: health, science, technology, women's, children's and travel.
Each of those topics has its own sub-topics.
Writers in these and other topics, will need to become masters of their domain, and have a solid background in their topic.
Crime news
What is news?
General news
Political news
Business news
Regional news
Entertainment news
Niche-oriented news (health, science, technology)
This news can be:
World News
National news
Local or community news
School news
Business news remains a popular type of news because business affects our lives and our livelihoods.
Business news tells us about the state of the economy, our stocks, our products, and our work places
Regional news has limited national appeal.
For writers interested in covering their town or city, or geographic region of the country, consider writing for media outlets that are regionally set
Entertainment news is to write about entertainment and base articles around celebrities.
Entertainment news is a popular area.
This is for news writer who likes to write features, profiles and interview celebrities
Crime reporting is not the type of news that should be taken on lightly.
Crime reporting should be written using good taste, ethics, a sense of respect for the crime victims and their families.
Crime reporting should not be gory, or gross.
Taken from book: Reque, J., Tantillo, S. H., Babb, J., McIntosh, M., & Denham, B. (2001). Introduction to journalism. Evanston, IL: Mcdougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin.
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