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Fitness Training & Programming

Session Plan Design

Dafydd James

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Training & Programming

Designing a Training Session
Fitness Training & Programming
Identify how information should be displayed in a fitness session plan
Learning Objectives
Which session is easier to understand?
Create a session plan template from all of the information we have discussed last week and today
Identify the information needed in a session plan
5 minute pulse raiser on the spin bike at a moderate intensity followed by dynamic flexibility of the lower and upper body. Re-warm for 3 minutes on the spin bike at a moderate intensity
Main Component
3 sets of 12 repetitions for the following exercises, flat bench press, dumbbell flye, upright row, press-ups. 30 seconds rest in between each set. 20 second intervals on the rowing machine for 8 sets, with 10 seconds rest, rowing at a high intensity
Cool Down
5 minutes on the spin bike at a low intensity, followed by a selection of static stretches. Re-fuel after the session
The template can be for a generic session
Paper and Pens Ready!
I will be inspecting all session plans after half term!

10 Press-ups for a poor attempt
50 Press-ups for not completing the session plan!
What film is this quote from?
"I pity the fool"
Rocky 3
I hope you all chose the second example!!
Linking to Assignment 1
Create 4 training session plans
Aerobic Endurance
Match the component of fitness to the method of training
Interval Training
Continuous Training
Aerobic Endurance
Muscular Endurance
Free Weights
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