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Water or Land: In-service Training for All

No description

Terese McAninch

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Water or Land: In-service Training for All

Fitness Training Ideas
Dealing with fainting/heat exhaustion
Fire and tornado emergency while you are teaching
Practice teachings for the group to evaluate
Fitness Dash
Water or Land: In-service Training for All
Terese McAninch
Assistant Director of Recreation ~Aquatics
Butler University

Aquatic Overview
Creating a sense of autonomy
Skill Building
Empowering Employees
Many ways to adapt from water to land
Every area has rules/policies for there department, think of fun ways to test your students on them.
Every department deals with customers and emergencies in different ways.

Adapted for On Land Trainings
Emergency/Risk Trainings
Skill Testing
Full Scenarios
Emergency Videos
Customer Service
Dealing with Participants
Peer to peer interactions

Aquatic Training Ideas
Intramural Training Ideas
Ask for lead staff input
What do students need help with or want to know?
Design in-services and meetings around
Hollywood Game Night
Circle of Death
Timer scenarios
Family Feud

Climbing Wall
Climbing emergencies
LOC, Fire, etc.
Belay refreshers
Rental Center
Safely loading equipment (boats,
bikes, etc.)
Customer service scenarios
Outdoor Pursuits Training Ideas
Assisting in leadership skill development
Utilize student instructors on staff!
Gives lead staff experience
Helps move things along during in-service
Skill Building
Butler University Aquatics

Ball State University
Miami University

Jen Wood
Assistant Director, Aquatics Center
Miami University

Kristyn Watts
Graduate Assistant ~Aquatics
Ball State University

General In-service

Standard Format
Announcements/Review of Policies
Team Building
Skill Work
Different In-services/Training for different jobs.
At least one in-service a month is required
35 Lifeguards, 4 Head Lifeguards
25 Swim Instructors, 3 Swim Lesson Coordinators

Lifeguards: 1.5 hour, monthly in-services
Swim Instructors: 1 hour, monthly in-services

6 lane, 25 yd lap pool, leisure pool, hot tub, and sauna
75 lifeguard staff, 20 swim instructors, 10 LGI's (students), 5 student event techs, 8 Lead Staff, six professional staff

4 pools (Leisure Pool, 50 Meter, Dive Well, and Hot Tub)

2 hour Lifeguard Inservice monthly (students have the choice of sunday or wednesday evenings
1 hour Deck Manager (aquatic office managers)
2 hour LTS inservice 3 times year
4 hour Lead Staff Inservices 4 times a year

Group Activities
Tornado/fire procedures
Full EAP Scenario Skills
Sprint & Save
Aquatic Dash
Passive Victim, Extraction, Primary Assessment Relay
I Lost My Baby!
For LTS and LGI - Practice Teachings and group evaluations
ARC Online Refreshers
Online Quizzes prior to in-service
Audits/during or after inservice for follow up

Individual Activities
Find a student enjoys making movies and get them involved.
Used for trainings
Emergency Videos, Opening/Closing Procedures etc.
List 2-3 videos you would want for your staff
See Example Video:

Sprint & Save
Telephone Game
Full Scenarios
Job Audits
Facility/Operations Training Ideas
Allowing students to have a sense
of control
Step back and let them lead
Time frame to complete activities
Delegate tasks
Boosts self-confidence
Ability to directly impact matters delegated to them
Create sense of Autonomy
Group Participation
5 Minutes
Use Idea Sharing Form

Group Participation - prizes!

Intramural officials role play
Rule quizzes online
Games (Family Feud and Jeopardy) at in-services
How to handle emergencies like:
Concussions and heat exaustion
Could do sudden illness charades or secondary assessment relay.
35 Lifeguards, 1 Head Guard, 1 Graduate Assistant

Lifeguards 1.5 hour, monthly in-services

2, 6 lane, 25 yd lap pools, and diving well
Standard Operation Procedure Example
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