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The Hobbit

No description

Surina Walia

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of The Hobbit

The Hobbit Visual Summaries
By Surina Walia
Chapter 1
An Unexpected

The Dwarfs
I am Bilbo Baggins. I am a hobbit and the 14h member of Thorin's company. I was born to Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins. I enjoy creating maps, eating cakes, and having company.
I was visited
by Gandalf the wizard one morning. Gandalf came back the next day for tea along with 13 dwarfs, none of which I was expecting.
We drank, ate, and sang long into the night.
I discovered that I was chosen by Gandalf to adventure into the unknown and help Thorin and the 12 other dwarfs reclaim their kingdom and gold from Smaug the dragon.
Each dwarf is explained briefly as they enter the Baggins household. These dwarfs are very high-spirited and enjoy an exciting adventure.
Gandalf is a very old and wise wizard. He chose Bilbo to come along with the dwarfs as their 14th companion.
Bilbo Baggins
Chapter 2
Roast Mutton
Adventure Begins
When Bilbo wakes up, he convinces himself that the prior night was just a dream. It isn't until Gandalf arrives telling him that the dwarfs are waiting for him that he fully realizes what he has gotten himself into. Bilbo quickly hurries to meet the dwarfs on time, where he then begins his journey.
The Trolls
After seeing a light in the distance, Thorin and the dwarfs send Bilbo to go investigate and report back to them. Bilbo discovers 3 trolls - William, Bert, and Tom - and decides to try and steal some food from them. Caught in the act, Bilbo tries to flee, but is instead forced to hide behind a tree as the dwarfs arrive to try and save the day.
Gandalf Saves the Day
The dwarfs were unsucessful in their attempts to try and defeat the trolls. Gandalf arrives just in time to save the day by using trickery and the trolls' own foolishness.
Chapter 3
A Short Rest
Misty Mountains
Bilbo and the dwarfs approach the Misty Mountains. They stay at Elrond's house efore venturing out into the wild. There they sing and eat for 14 days.
Thorin's Map
Elrond - a kind elf - interprets the moon letters on the map. The letters are special instructions for getting into the castle.
Into the Misty Mountains
Bilbo and the dwarfs leave Elrond's and head to the Misty Mountains
Chapter 4
Over Hill and Under Hill
Seeking Shelter
Threatened by a thunderstorm, the dwarfs send Kili and Fili to find shelter. Kili and Fili discover a seemingly harmless cave where the dwarfs spend the night.
During the night, goblins come and capture the dwarfs and hobbit. They bring them to the leader goblin who asks why they were in the goblin cave.
Thorin lies and tells them a try of ho they are visiting their relatives. The leader sees through their lies and sentences them to a painful death.
Gandalf comes to save the day... Again
Gandalf comes and tries to save the day by turning off the lights and leading them away from the goblins. The goblins quickly catch up to them, forcing the dwarfs to fight.
Thorin and Gandalf pull out their swords and the goblins immediately run away. These swords were used to slay many goblins years before. Bilbo, the dwarfs, and Gandalf continue to run, but are unable to leave the vicinity. They are all captured once again.
Thorin and Gandalf
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Chapter 5
Riddles in the Dark
Bilbo wakes up alone and in the dark. He scrambles around and finds a ring. Bilbo pockets the ring.
Bilbo Finds the Ring
Bilbo meets Gollum and they have a riddle contest. If Bilbo wins, Gollum must help him escape, if Gollum wins, he gets to eat Bilbo.
The Last Riddle
With his life in danger, Bilbo turns to one last riddle to try and save his life.
"What is in my pocket?"
Gollum was unable to guess the correct answer. Bilbo had won the riddle contest.
The Ring
Bilbo slips on the ring and discovers that it is an invisability ring and that it had once belonged to Gollum. Gollum goes to search for Bilbo, and leads him to the exit. Bilbo gallantly leaps over Gollum escape the Misty Mountains.
Chapter 6
Out of the Frying-Pan Into the Fire
Bilbo joins back up with the dwarfs, who now have a newfound appreciation of him. Together they all continue on their quest.
The Wolves
Bilbo and the dwarfs were on their way to the woods, when they hear some wolves. Gandalf quickly ushers them into the trees. The wolves surround the trees. Gandalf attemps to fight the wolves away, butthey continue to stay put.
The Eagles
Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves, are saved by eagles who fly them away from the wolves. The eagles shelter them and provide food and water. They had made it throught the Misty Mountains.
Chapter 7
Queer Lodgings
The 15 companions continue on with their journey. Before they venture into the woods, they stop at Beorn's house. Beorn is a skin changer.
The story
Bilbo and Gandlaf leave to talk to Beorn and tell them their story. The dwarves pile into his house 2 by 2 until they are all there. Beorn provides them food, water, and helter for many days. When it is time for the companions to continue on witht heir quest, Beorn provides them with ponies and food to help them with their journey.
Beorn also provides them with some very important advice.

Stay On the Path!
Chapter 8
Flies and Spiders
Into the Woods
With Gandalf now gone, the companions are in a dreary mood. They walk for days at end in the dark woods until they find a magical river.
The Boat
Bilbo spots a boat across the river. Fili uses a rope to bring the boat to them. Thorin, Bilbo, Fili, and Balin are almost to the other side of the river when Bombur falls into the water.
Bilbo and the dwarves rush back to help rescue Bombur from drowning. The companions are able to save Bombur, but they lose their boat. When Bombur is taken out of the water, he is fast asleep. Bombur remains in this state for many days, forcing the dwarves to take turns carrying him.
Trapped by Spiders
The dwarfs stray from their path and found a wood-elf village. When they try to go to the village, the lights go out and Bilbo is unable to locat ehis friends. Bilbo discovers the spiders that roam in these woods. These spiders had captured his friends.
Bilbo saves the day
Bilbo uses his invisibility ring to trick the spiders. He lures the spiders away from his friends. Bilbo kills many spiders and resuces his friends. After a long fight, Bilbo and his friends escape. They then realize that Thorin isn't with them.
Into the Dungeon
While the dwarfs were with the spiders, Thorin had decided to visit the village. He refused to answer any of the questions that the wood-elves asked, so he was put into the dungeon.
Chapter 9
Barrels Out of Bond
After escaping the spiders, the dwarves are captured by the wood elves. Bilbo uses his ring to avoid being captured. He sneaks around the palace until he comes up with a plan to rescue the dwarves. When the guards were asleep, Bilbo sneakingly took their keys. He used them help the dwarves escape their dark dungeons.
Bilbo takes them to a secret side entrance. He puts the dwarves in barrels and sends them down the river.
The Barrels
Chapter 10
A Warm Welcome
The Companions land in Laketown, where they receive a "Warm Welcome". For many days there are parties and music. The people of Laketown celebrated the return of Thorin "son of Thrain son of Thror King under the Mountain". At the end of the chapter, the 14 companions continue their quest to reclaim the mountain
Chapter 11
On the doorstep
To the Mountains
The dwarves left laketown to recontinue their quest. When they arrive at the mountain, they encouter one problem: They don't know where the secret entrance is.
The secret entrance
After days of searching, all hope is lost. Finally, Bilbo stumbles across a patch in the mountains that he assumes is the sercret door. After multiple attempts, the dwarves are not able to open the door.
While contemplating what to do next, Bilbo sees a thrush near the rock. Bilbo is reminded of the riddle and discovers the way into the mountain.
Chapter 12
Inside Information
Into the Lonely Mountain
Bilbo and Balin enter the Mountain. After a while, Balin bids Bilbo farewell and turns to walk away to leave Bilbo alone for his job. Bilbo coninues to creep through the mountain until he discovers the dragon in a mountain of gold. Scared out of his wits, Bilbo takes one golden cup and runs back to his companions.
When Smaug awakes from his slumber, he discovers that some of his treasure has been stolen. He flies around the mountain spouting fire and rage. Meanwhile, Bilbo has mustered up enough courage to go back into the mountain. When Bilbo arrives at the gold, he discovers that Smaug who appeared to be asleep once more, is actually wde awake, waiting for him.
Another Riddle Game
Although Bilbo has his ring on, Smaug can still smell his presence. Smaug asks Bilbo a series of questions, all of which Bilbo answers in riddles. Bilbo get Smaug to reveal his weak spot on his stomach. Smaug, now enraged, starts to spew fire. Bilbo escapes to his companions. Becuase of an avalanche, the 14 friends are now stuck in the mountain with the dragon.
Chapter 13
Not At Home
smaug analyzes Bilbo's riddles, and comes to the conclusion that they has received help from the Laketown residents. Smaug flies to Laketown to seek revenge.
Meanwhile, Bilbo and the dwarves visit the gold and discover that the dragon is gone. They reclaim their gold and collect part of their recompense. Bilbo takes the Arkenstone - Thorin's most beloved item - and a coat made of impenetrable mithrill.
Chapter 14
Not at Home
Smaug at Laketown
The people of Laketown saw Smaug coming from far away. They prepared for his arrival by preparing archers and buckets of water. None of the arrows were able to penetrate Smaug's thick skin, except for Bard's.
The Death of the Dragon
Bard, a townsperson with 3 kids, uses his special black arrow to kill Smaug by shooting him at his weak spot. The dragon falls and destroys much of the town. With many casualties and a destroyed home, the people of Laketown look to the mountain and it's gold to help them rebuild their life and town.
News of the Death
News of Smaug's death spreads quickly and many armies who aim to claim the treasure begin their journey to the Lonely Mountains.
Chapter 15
The Gathering of the Clouds
The Thrush
The thrush comes to the dwarves in the mountain and gives them information about Smaug's death, Laketown, and the advancing armies. Thorin, who has become very protective of his inheritance is enraged when he hears this news. He sends for his cousin, Dain, to bring his army to help the dwarves defend their mountan.
A wall and an attempted compromise
In response to the Thrush's news, Thorin orders all the dwarves to create a wall by the door. Later, Bard approaches the wall and asks Thorin for a share of the gold to rebuild the town becaue he had slain the dragon. Thorin refuses to part with any of his inheritance, but Bard gives him additional time to reconsider, in hopes of Thorin changing his mind.
Chapter 16
A Thief in the Night
During the night, Bilbo slips on his ring and takes the arkenstone out of the castle. He creeps to the elves' and humans' camp and requests to see Bard and the elf king. He gives them the arkenstone to use to barter with Thorin. Bard and the King were very appreciative of his courage and might. On his way back to the castle, Bilbo runs into Gandalf.
The Arkenstone
Chapter 17
The Clouds Burst
The next morning, Bard returns to the mountain with the Arkenstone. Thorin is enraged when he sees the stone. When Bilbo reveals that he was the one that gave the stone away, Thorin almost becomes violent. Thorin was stopped by Gandalf who tells him to let Bilbo speak.
Bard and the Arkenstone
Bilbo explains that he took the stone as his 1/14 share. Thoin then agrees to the comromise, but sercretly hopes that his cousin arrives first. Later on, Dain arrives wth his army and the dwarves, elves, and humans are about to fight when they hear news of the Goblin Army approaching. The three armies band together to fight their common enemies: The wargs and the goblins. The battle of the five armies has begun.
Battle of the Five Armies
As the fight continues, Bilbo retreat to Laketown. When all hope seems lost, Bilbo spots eagles flying towards them, but before Bilbo can say anything, he is hit by a rock and becomes unconcious.
Chapter 18
The Return Journey
When Bilbo wakes up, he discovers that the Goblins have been defeated. A man carries him back to Gandalf who is delighted to see him. Lying beside Gandalf is Thorin, who as fatally wounded during the fight. Bilbo and Thorin exchange farewells and Thorin apologizes to Bilbo for his actions.
Farewell Thorin
Gandalf tells Bilbo about Kili and Fili's death and about the rest of the battle. He also tells him about Beorn's appearance in the battle.
Gandalf and Bilbo
Chapter 19
The Return Journey
Bilbo and Gandalf stopped in a Rivendell for a few days, and it is there that Bilbo learns of where Gandalf had gone off to. Gandalf and the great council of wizards had fought and defeated the Necromencer while the companions were completing their quest. After many days, Gandalf and Bilbo left Rivendell and continued on their way.
After the war
In the days after the war, Thorin, Fili, and Kili are buried. The Arkenstone is buried with Thorin, and Dain becomes the new king. All the companions get their fair share of treasure. Bard also received a portion of the treasure that he shares with Bilbo and the town of Laketown, which he is not the master of.
Headed Home
Then Bilbo bid all dwarves farewell and he and Gandalf began their journey back. They made many stops along the way and spent many days at Beorn's place.
When Bilbo arrives home, he discovers that he was presumed dead and that his house and possessions were being auctioned off. Bilbo bought back his home and possessions and went back to living his normal life, although he was never again fully accepted in his town.
Back Home
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