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Scientific Method

No description

Dennis Erasga

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Scientific Method

Lecture 4 SOCTEC1 Scientific Method Question: What distinguishes science's way of producing knowledge? Experimentation Observation There are problems with observation The Ascendance of Science “Modern” civilization has its foundations on the scientific and technological achievements of the past epochs (e.g. Printing Press Era, Copernican Revolution, Industrial Revolution, et al). Such influence and prestige extend to addressing both the mundane and familiar dimensions of human social existence permeating the minutest facets of our daily lives. simple convenient unobtrusive determines cause and effect controls variable allows prediction Answer: It is neither the "why" nor "what" of the process.... Its the "how" Now, what constitutes this "how"? 1. limited by subjective selection 2. different individuals to have different observations for a single phenomenon. 3. process of observation may also be influenced by what is expected, even as it cannot be certainly said that what is observed at one particular time period is true for other time periods The problems with experimentation 1. cannot capture the phenomenon in its natural setting 2. design can be flawed or even mamipulated 3. not everything can be subjected to experimentation 4. hidden structures in society that are unobservable 5. The public manifestation of human behavior does not necessarily reflect their true feelings 6. What is visible may not necessarily be authentic However What is this "practice" called scientific method? So, how is knowledge produced and constructed via scientific method? Empirical verification In short, a sense-mediated data generation 4. limitations posed by the scientific gadgetry and resources
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