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Surviving Winter In The Dust Bowl

No description

karla diaz

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Surviving Winter In The Dust Bowl

500 Gallons of Water = 417 days
1.2 G/D
4,200 Calories
1/453.6 =30,000/x x= 13,608,000 grams of Wheat

Proteins --> 420 , Carbs --> 2,100 , Fat--> 840

Karla & Ruth
1200 Calories
10% Proteins -> 120grams ->240
50% Carbs -> 600 -> 1800
20% Fat -> 240 ->480

1800 Calories
10% -> proteins -> 180
50% carbs -> 900
20% fat -> 360

Jose, Karla & Ruth
What should your group do in order to survive the winter ?
Eat the bull, keep the cow alive but we wont feed it. Drink the cow's milk. Eat the cow when the milk production creases and then at last we will eat the wheat.
We will kill the bull first because it has more meat. We could survive eating meat for couples of days. We will also keep the cow alive so we could drink the milk and when the cow dries out of milk we will kill the cow. So that we could have more proteins inside our body. When the meat finishes we will eat the wheat at last. We will have our winter food and we will survive during the winter dust bowl.
Surviving Winter In The Dust Bowl
The Research Question
Justification of the Evidence
Our Evidence
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