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Introduction to Prezi

No description

Chris Andrews

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Introduction to Prezi

Introduction to Prezi. Basics. Write. Insert. Path. Show. Go to www.prezi.com and either sign up for a free account or log in to an existing one. Give your Prezi a name & a description. Click on 'New Prezi' Navigation To move around the canvas click and drag any blank space. To zoom in and out use the scroll wheel on your mouse. If this is your first time on Prezi you may have to close a tutorial pop-up and delete some example text. To delete click once on the text then press delete on the keyboard. Click anywhere to add text. Click once. To change size, position or rotation, To change what you've written, double click on the text to bring the text box back up. This is the Zebra. The middle vertical stripes will your text move The circles will your text. resize You can also change the style or alignment of the text. The outer ring will your text. rotate Advanced Clicking the small (+) button will bring up a menu allowing you to duplicate or change the order of items. You can select more than one item at once, just hold shift and click and drag around the items. You must click somewhere where there is not text or an item, and drag completely around everything you want to select. e.g. hold shift and click here and drag completely around the text boxes You can also use ctrl + c and ctrl + v to make copies. In the top left hand corner select 'Insert' then click on 'Load File' You can manipulate these with the Zebra
as you would with text. Try hiding text in images Frames are used to group together more than one item. Like these two text boxes for example. If you have rotated text/images, ensure you rotate the frame to the angle you want to show the item. Click on 'Path' in the top left Then click on items or frames in the order you want to show them. If you need to insert points between others Use the nodes in the middle of the line between points. To delete a point click and drag it into space. There's also an undo button if you make a mistake You can preview your presentation by clicking 'Show' in the top left To show online, click on 'Exit' at the top and then show. You can select to show 'Full Screen' and then use the arrows on screen or your keyboard. Downloading to show offline can be more reliable and smoother. Click on 'Exit', then click on 'Download' and save to your computer. Once the file has downloaded, open it and 'Extract' all of the files. If you're using a memory stick copy the entire folder you've extracted files to. In the folder double click on 'prezi.exe' to launch the presentation You can change the colour or theme of your Prezi by clicking on 'Colors & Fonts'. The menus in the top left control how to create and edit your Prezi. Images You also have options of inserting Shapes and Youtube videos. Youtube videos require an internet connection. Frame. They can also be used to draw focus to one part of text or a picture. Click on 'Frame' in the top left Select a style - they all have the same function Drag it around the items you want to show together Enjoy using Prezi. and remember how it works - as one big canvas.
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