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Vision for St. Paul, Merced


Ben Elliott

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Vision for St. Paul, Merced

St. Paul
Our Mission:
“Connecting People to Jesus”

Our Vision: We envision a life together where
we exalt God and reflect His love by:

Encourage Community
Educating those who seek knowledge
Equipping Believers
Exciting and
inspiring people

Expanding the body
of Christ

First Year
Be Visible
Build Relationships
Add 1 speciality teacher
Begin researching feasibility of adding middle school
Third Year
Be Visible
Build Relationships
Add 2-3 speciality teachers
Implement community service program (6 years, K-5)
Classroom computers
Fifth Year
Be Visible
Build Relationships
Add resource teachers
Improve community service program (6 years, K-5)
Computer lab
First Year
Provide Support
Continue Professional Development
New Notebook lease
Third Year
Provide Support
Establish peer review
Encourage Continuing Ed
Promote colloquy/synodical training (ongoing)
Teacher computer lease
Fifth Year
Provide Support
Require Continuing Ed (budget support)
Involvement with Merced College Teacher Program
Provide Support PTF and Fathers Club
Establish guidelines for PTF
Build parent involvement (school & church)
Create ways for healthy communication
Parent Bible Studies
First Year
All school presence in Worship
Congregation invitations to classes
Communication about activities
Publications (church/school)
Third Year
Each Class presence in Worship
School/church activities (quarterly)
Fifth Year
Involvement in special services
Support youth program
Teacher presence in Church Activities (rotation)
Church leadership
First Year
Team building with all staff
Communication (ongoing)
Third Year
All campus Bible Study (before/after school)
Relationsips (leadership/staff)
Youth Program
Fifth Year
Ministry with other churches for school
Building programs
First Year
New UPDATED website
Brand St. Paul
Facebook updates
Marianne into the community
Preschool-5th Grade
Third Year
Interactive website for parents & visitors
Get Brand into community
St. Paul into community Activities
Partnership with other churches for students
Fifth Year
Make sure community knows our Brand
Other considerations
First Year
Interior of portable classrooms
Accreditation self study & visit
Text book adoption (ongoing)
Handbook review
Signs - Visibility
Third Year
Ongoing visual appearance (Disneyland attitude)
WASC revisit (hope for no visit)
Fifth Year
Plan for next self study
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