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Another point of view

No description

Daniel Andrade

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Another point of view

Inspiring Action
What is the Free Hugs Campaign all about?
The Free Hugs Campaign is an international kindness initiative, that has spread to over 80 countries around the world, founded on the simple principle of offering a stranger a hug.

“You can’t change the world, but you can make a difference.”
I was going to offer Free Hugs to everyone and anyone. It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor, how old or how young, who they were or where they came from.
I’d spent the days before my first Free Hugs day walking around the city looking for the busiest places.
A free hug would be free of charge and free for all!
Took me two nights to make the first Free Hugs sign. When people looked at it, I wanted them to realize I was serious. To take notice of what I was offering and not just dismiss it as some prank or a viral marketing campaign.
This is Juan Mann's Story
* Research on people of all ages has proven that a hug is essential for physical and emotional well-being.

* Without hugs we can become sad, withdrawn and depressed. A hug provides solace, safety and tenderness. A hug provides us with social contact, an overall sense of wellbeing and a feeling of importance and belonging.

* When people hug, the brain releases the chemical oxytocin. This encourages social bonding, increases our willingness to trust and decreases fear. It has also shown that hugs are great for your heart.
I was searching for outdoor areas that had plenty of shade and plenty of people walking through. When there were security cameras everywhere in case something went wrong. There were guards and police watching thousands of people passing by.
For my first Free Hugs Day I made a shirt. It had written on it, “Juan Mann, One Love.”
Make a sign that says “Free Hugs” and carry it around for the day. Design it however you like so that it can be easily read from a distance. Decorate it, colour it in, make it eye catching, attractive and fun.
Make or buy a t-shirt that says “Free Hugs” and wear it anywhere. Why buy a shirt when you can make your own? Remember, whenever you wear your Free Hugs shirt someone will come up to you and ask for a hug, wherever you are!
In choosing a place to offer Free Hugs it’s a good idea to find a busy public place – parks, public squares or busy pedestrian areas. There are more prospective huggers walking around and for both the safety of you and others, it is important to stay on public property in busy areas. Other great places to offer Free Hugs are festivals, major events and anywhere there are lots of people looking to celebrate life. Shopping malls, stores and schools may not be such great places to offer Free Hugs. If you do want to offer Free Hugs in these places, it's a good idea to get permission from the people in charge.
Target Markets
Code of Conduct
Here are a Few things to keep in mind every time you’re offering Free Hugs.

Be friendly -
Don’t hug somebody unless they offer to hug you –
Don’t forget to smile at everyone -
When hugging someone, be mindful of their physical condition -
When the person you are hugging stops hugging you, let go -
Some people don’t want a hug -

- Feel great
- Make you feel less lonely
- Give you the courage to do anything
- Can help you feel
- Boost your self esteem
- Inspire you to make a difference in the world
- Are great exercise
- Improve your health Help you relax
- Are a great way to keep warm in winter
- Are compact and portable
- Require no special training
- Are a great way to celebrate
- Are enduring
- Cost nothing
The Benefits of Giving and
Receiving Free Hugs
The Anatomy of a Hug
Are the hugs you share with your friends the same as the hugs you share with your grandparents?

Are the hugs you share when you’re celebrating the same as the hugs you share when you’re sad?
The position of the huggers’ bodies
“Whatever you do, don’t stop what you’re doing. Don’t think that just because someone won’t hug you, you aren’t making a difference.”
“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato
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