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Queen of Sheba

No description

Charmia Graham

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Queen of Sheba

Images of a Queen
Interesting facts
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Meeting of King
Who was this legendary figure who came flaunting herself (and her wealth) at King Solomon's court?
A reasonable political cause for the visit of the Queen can be found in
Solomon's control of the head of the Gulf of Aqabah (hence of the route that would cross from Arabia to Egypt) and
the sea trade that he had inaugurated, which would seriously threaten the caravan trade that had made the southern Arabian kingdoms rich.
Kingdom of Saba in Yemen, Ethiopia
Parents: Queen Ismenie
Children:Menelik I
Significant Other : King Solomon

Names She goes by
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Queen of Sheba
(African name )
or Sheba (Biblical name )
Queen of the East
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