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Raspberry Pi Personal Cloud Computing

Faisal (Major Project 1 Presentation)

faisal khalil

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Raspberry Pi Personal Cloud Computing

Research Objectives
Research Method
John McCarthy introduced the
cloud computing concept
Cost Less
We no longer have to buy
expensive softwar
e licenses or programs. Also we don't need to add
internal infrastructures
because it can scale capacities in an instant.
Dependency over Networks
Need Internet in order to access you personal data.
- provides the user with
virtual infrastructure
(memory, processor, and hardware), such as servers and data storage space.
web hosting
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
- provides the user to
rent hardware, operating systems, storage
and network capabilities to be used for application development.
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
- provides the user with access to
already created applications
that are operating in the cloud.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
- also called the
- develop applications using
Web-based tools
Emails and Online Documents
Security Risks
Even though our files in the cloud are kept externally, we are unsure if our files are being spied or hacked.
Limited Accessibility
If we are not at home
> Electricity Problem
>Some other issues
>No access to files
Accessible anywhere
It allows the user easy access on the cloud from different devices and places as long as you have internet connection.
Limkokwing University should provide one of the Lecturer
Problem Solution
of Pi's to its ALL Faculties?
in short,
High Cost,
very easy to maintain
Sub-Problem 2
Due to above
Sub-Problem 1
Sub-Problem 2
Stress, Classes cancel, Extra Classes etc.
Cloud Application Layers
- Cloud Companies are divided into three categories or Layers
Game as a Service
Google Apps
Google Docs
Bungee Connect
Problem Statement
Raspberry Pi Personal Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Technology that allows you to share and access computing resources (servers, software, storage) via internet
Raspberry Pi
The files of the external hard drive will be save back at your home(depend on user) and
will not be shared with third party
and at the same time the user ill be aware of the location on where the files are being saved.
1. The primary object of this research is to
develop a cloud storage
, whereby all the users can connect their external hard drives to raspberry pi and have access everywhere over internet.
2. To develop a raspberry pi which can
connect to projector
run the slides
, videos and also web browsing as well.
3. To
the use of high-end devive
with the Raspberry Pi
to save cost and maintenance.
4. To compare the current cloud computing to the Pi cloud computing in
term of storage and cost
5. To help the lecturers retrieve files (chapter’s slides) from Pi cloud in the classroom.

Sub-Problem 1
1. Inadequate online storage space for large data.
2. High cost for acquiring more online data storage
Sub-Problem 2
Replacing high-end devices with credit card size Raspberry Pi.
Literature Review
The cloud computing service models are Software as a Service
, Platform as a Service
and Infrastructure as a Service
Gartner, Inc. (January, 2011)

World’s leading information technology research and advisory company.
"The vice president and head of research for Gartner Executive Programs Mark McDonald, said “
New lighter-weight technologies such as cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and IT models enable the CIO to redefine IT, giving it a greater focus on growth and strategic impact
Raspberry Pi
The "Raspberry Pi" is a credit card size $35 general purpose computer, which involves
• Linux
• Command Line Interface
• Graphical User Interface
• Installing Drivers and Software
• Programming

it runs a Linux operating system called Raspbian, the hardware on this device 512 ram, two USB ports, Hdmi port, Ethernet port, SD card slot, audio output and so on. Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian optimised for the raspberry pi hardware.
Doe's not matter because it only cost $35 but the Laptop cost above $300.
Combination of.....
Raspberry Pi
External Hard Drive
Personal Cloud Storage
>Not ENOUGH space for data.....
>Most of the users want to use their external hard drives to access their files, which is Hard to carry
>Maximum space 10 GB - 50 GB, which is not enough otherwise buy more space
to buy extra space.....
Sub-Problem 1
Limkokwing University has provided HUNDREDS of Laptops to their Faculty staff .......
Just to plug-n-play

Chapter Slides and Some Educational Videos
---Which 'Cost' lot
--- Requires 'Maintenance'
Moreover the lecturers have to carry the laptops to the classes everytime
Most of the time they don't find laptop so they can so they can play 'Chapter Slides' then (cancel class)

Sub-Problem 1 Solution
Raspberry Pi will help to get extra space by connecting it to the external hard drive over internet.
1. Extra Space 1 TB or above
2. Access everywhere from any device
3. Almost no maintenance
4. Less power requires
5. Affordable $35
6. Open source operating system 'Raspbian'

Problem Solution
Sub-Problem 2 Solution
1. LUCT should provide Raspberry Pi to all faculties.
2. It will help LUCT to reduce the cost and maintenance from $300 to $35.
3. Comfortable and easy to carry for lecturer's.
4. Less power requires
5. Easy to maintain

Research Scope
Research Requirements
Significance of Research
Hardware Requirement
a) Raspberry Pi
b) Raspberry Pi power supply 5v/10v
c) Bootable SD card 4/8 GB
d) Wifi Adapter (Tp link or any brand)
e) Male-to-male VGA cable
f) Converter USB to VGA cable
g) Projector
h) External Hard Drive
Software Requirement
a) Raspbian operating system
b) Web server
c) Application (Owncloud)
d) Constant Internet Connection
e) Set a static IP

The research scope will focus on development of two different ideas.
1) Personal Cloud storage which will
benefit the users to have more cloud storage
with the help of Raspberry Pi and External Hard Drive.
2) To replace the laptops with Raspberry Pi, which is
low cost and easy to carry
1. The proposed system will allow the
users to be connected to their external hard drives
back at home or offices over internet.
2. This research will help the users to have
large storage
for cloud computing and the
data will not be compromised
by third party.
3. Tough the research will focus on providing facility to the
lecturers to play chapters slides
and videos on raspberry pi or retrieve data over internet from their personal cloud storage.
Research Method
Qualitative (Inductive Approach)
The methodology for this research is
journal based
qualitative research derive form of
inductive aproach
Most of the data for this research has been collected
from previous research journals, articles, books,
and websites.
Methodology Prototype
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