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The colleseum

This is about the coloseum and what it took to build it

Jorden Vecchio

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of The colleseum

The Colosseum!!!

BY : jorden vecchio
h The colosseum was a unique building. That was built in Rome, Italy. Many things happened in the colosseum and its still standing today!!! Thousands of people see it everyday. why was it built were it was, what was it used for, and what was it made of? Why was the spot chosen for the colosseum? The colosseum took 8 years to build. Vesspian was the creator of the colosseum he came up with idea and everything, he also had a son named Titus. The colosseum was built just east of the Roman Forum. They chose a flat landscape which they looked for between 70AD and 72AD. The valley they found was in between the Caelian, Esquiline and the Palatine hills which a canalised stream ran down. The colosseum was built on a site of an artificial lake also.They filled the lake in first though so they could build the colosseum on the lake.They chose a place that was not densley inhabited. unfourtanetly after they found the spot the area around the spot became densley inhabited so they had to build around the people. Also many other building were built around the colosseum like gladiator schools. Sadly vesspian died about a year before the colosseum was finished. He lived until the third floor was buily. His son Titus inheratid the colosseum and finished building the final floor. What was the colosseum used for? The coloseum was used for various events. The most popular events gladiators fights. Thats when a man and another man fight for survival. Other events were man vs animal, dramas, reanactmints of sea batttles and executions. People back then loved to watch these events. But today though it would be horrible to watch. The trainers would teach the animals how to kill in front of screaming fanes..... they would feed them meat while yelling at them in their cage. If the animals didnt attack the men they would execute the trainer in front of everyone. What did the colosseum look like? The Colosseum is a ellptical shape just like the earths path around the sun. The building stands on a base of two steps; above it there are three floors of arcades built in travertine stone and a fourth storey with windows. There were eighty arches on every floor, divided by pillars with a half column. The four arches on the axes on the colloseum were main entrances. The colloseum was a very nice building they say it was huge. The colosseum was built on a flat area and near a canal. They really looked for a good spot to put the colosseum. Now i wonder what they used the colosseum for?? Lets find out. The colosseum was used for feirce battles, reanactments, dramas, executions, animal fights. The most popular were gladiator fights. Thats when a man and another man fight for survival. Sometimes a man fights a animal. The trainer was to teach the animals how to attack in front of screaming people; they would feed the animals meat while screaming at them. If the animals didnt attack the trainer would be executed in front of everyone. The colosseum had what you call circus acts were strange people did really cool things. They also had chariot races were men raced around an oval and tried to win the race, they would do anything to win. They would kill the other men in different chariots to win. The colosseum was used for many things. Lots of guruesome things. Im glad i didnt live back then. For you that have never gone to Rome. Don't you wonder what the colosseum looks like? Well lets find out. Unlike other greek buildings the colosseum waas a free standing building. The colosseum is an eliptical plan, and is 189 meters (615 ft / 640 Roman feet) long and is 159 meters (510 ft / 528 Roman feet) long. The area of the base in the colosseum is 6 acres (24,000 sq feet). The outer walls of the colosseum were estimated to have required 100,000 cubic meters of travertine stone, which the stone was held together by 300 tons of iron clamps. Although bad earth quakes made some parts of the colosseum collapsed. Some stones have been added to the colosseum to keep the one standing wall in tact. Well i hoped u learned some things about the colosseum in this prezi. Some fun facts about colosseum!!!! The colosseum was in use for 500 years!! The last known activity in the colosseum was in the 6th century. There were special boxes in the Colosseum, at north and south ends, for the Emperor and the Vestal Virgins, providing the best views of the arena.
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