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CINECA - Solution and Services for the University Administration

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Michele Mennielli

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of CINECA - Solution and Services for the University Administration

Solution and Services for
the University Administration

Thank you!
CINECA: The Company
Employees: >700
It is the largest high performance computing center in Italy and one of the most important worldwide
It works as a high technology threefold partnership between the academic world, research, industry and public administration
A not for profit University Consortium founded in 1969 composed by:
The National Research Council (CNR)
69 Italian Universities
The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS)
Total Turnover: 100M
Concluded in July 2013
The only Italian University Consortium
and now we talk about...
University Consortium from Rome
University Consortium from Milan
an ERP solution composed by
Our High Performance Computing is ranked as the fourth in Europe and the twelfth in the World

→ New media and multichannel delivery
→ Modularity, flexibility, reliability
→ Accessibility
→ Extended Functional Coverage
→ Information Sharing
→ Streamlined Management of the Teaching Process
→ A Complete Vision of the Student Career
→ Integration with E-learning platforms
→ Project Management
→ Cataloguing and Evaluating Research Products
→ Projects, Resources, and Know-how showcase
→ Respect to Autonomy
→ Independence in the Process Design
→ Accounting and Project Management
→ The Data Warehouse as the Analysis Basis
→ Integration with Accounting
→ Strategic and Operative Planning
A new Research Gocernace Tool coming from CILEA
EU funded project - Students & Research Management System - 5 Universities
Students & Learning (Ecotool, ..)
Standardization groups
European Projects
Business Development
Research data:
Student mobility:
Information Systems:
Digital Repositories + Copyright Management
E-learning (Avatar@School, ..)
Strategic partnership with
KION Turkey: Students management system - 9 Universities
Partnership with
EU funded project - ERP suite for 11 Universities
for IS and joint activities
for Business Intelligence and Research solutions
How CINECA and the Universities work together
The Value Proposition
The value chain
The Results
The Merge
The Structure
The Governance
Solution and Services for the University Administration
The Model
The whole proposition
Digital Student Data Depositories:
The Italian Ministry of University and Research
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